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Apple iPhone Controlled LED Bulb

The leading electronics brand, Philips, is at present causing quite a stir in the lighting world. Their recently developed new home lighting system, entitled the ‘Philips Hue’ can in actual fact be controlled by a state-of-the-art smartphone. This exact procedure can even be carried out from a remote location.

The ‘Philips Hue’ lets the budding lighting connoisseur programme a variety of multi-coloured lighting modes using a smartphone. A tablet is also able to control such a device.

The label state that such a system can be used to slowly wake you up in the morning or alternatively, can be programmed in order to act as security lighting when the homeowner, office manager or storeowner is away on holiday.

In order to select a certain colour, the consumer can do so by pinpointing a hue on a certain object, photo or colour chart. Colours can be pre-set in order to emanate certain moods. These moods could convey a relaxing situation, an energising environment or a setting to concentrate in.

Each bulb can be set up individually and many can be utilised in conjunction with a timer. This makes such a lighting solution an extremely versatile one and also a system that can be tailored to each and every individual persona. A total of 50 bulbs can be supported within each bridge.

The best thing about this unique model is the fact that it can be used alongside a number of existing screw light fittings. This of course comes as an asset to those that wish for a hassle-free switchover. Once the bulbs in question have been fitted, they can then be connected to a home or office wireless router, which will in turn act as a controller hub. This will allow the user to work the lights in conjunction with their smartphone.

The Apple iPhone Controlled LED bulb system is certainly a contemporary lighting system not to be missed out on.


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