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Are GU10 LED Bulbs Expensive?

The short answer is yes, buying GU10 LED bulbs for your home does work out more expensive when compared to the traditional incandescent or halogen bulb that has been used to illuminate our homes for the past couple of decades. However, before you stop reading this and go off to buy replacement GU10 halogen bulbs, you have to consider the ongoing running costs of using such lighting over a prolonged period of time.

The GU10 bulb fitting is characterised by the 2-prong assembly that slots effectively into the light fitting, providing an efficient connection that is very simple to install. For this reason GU10 bulbs have become the most popular choice both for home and commercial use.

Now back to the question of cost, LED lights must be looked upon as an investment as the primary consideration not the upfront cost. The technology used nowadays in GU10 LED bulbs is a far cry from what it used to be like – the firs such bulbs were plagued with light quality and unreliability issues. These initial problems have now been well and truly ironed out and there are a plethora of high quality LED light bulbs available that are more than a match for their traditional counterparts, providing an energy-efficient cost-effective lighting solution that is difficult to ignore.

Buying new GU10 LED light bulbs from LED Hut would set you back around £8 each, whereas a comparable halogen lamp will cost around £2. The LED bulb will use on average £20 less electricity over its lifetime, which is significantly more than a halogen bulb. Each GU10 LED bulb lasts for around 50000 hours compared to the halogen lifespan of around 2000 hours – that’s 25-times more. You may never have to replace an LED light bulb again.

GU10 LED Bulbs

The up front purchase price is not the only consideration; running costs must be accounted for also. To operate a halogen needs 50W of electricity, whereas running a LED lamp only needs 4.4W. Taking into account today’s average domestic electricity price of around 13p/kWh, over 50,000 hours the cost of running the halogens will be around £3,300 and the cost of running the LEDs will be £300. That is a saving of over 90%.

So back to the original question as to whether GU10 LED bulbs are expensive – based on this evidence the answer would have to be no and LED bulbs are becoming even more attractive to homeowners due to the spiralling costs of electricity.


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