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B22 LED Bulbs – An energy efficient option

B22 LED Bulbs are very popular as energy saving light bulbs. It has the ability to replace 40 Watt incandescent bulbs and halogens. They are popularly used for indoor and outdoor lighting. It is known to have a great life, almost nearly 50000 hours. It has consumes little power, saving nearly 80% more energy than a tube light. Also, there is no hazard of it ever emitting toxins like mercury or lead. Thus, this bulb is becoming more and more popular.

With B22 LED Bulbs, you get a good circuit design and power distribution than fluorescent tubes. It is much more consistent and reliable. Also, there is no RF interference. If you buy this LED bulb, you will be assured of getting a long lasting bulb with a good amount of brightness.

B22 LED bulbs

Its power consumption is as low as 5 Watts to 9 Watts and input voltage is AC 100 to 240 V. Its frequency is 50-60 Hz. The working temperature is -30 to 50 Celsius Degree. This bulb lasts up to 25 years.

B22 LED Bulbs comes with a warranty of 36 months and a lifespan of almost 50,000 hours. The switching cycle is 20,000 cycles. The materials used for making this bulb are aluminum and glass. The strong aluminum house is hard to be broken, thus adding to its good features. The circuit is designed with great care to rule out short circuit and burn out. The warm up time is almost negligible as well as the startup time.


You should buy this bulb if you want a bulb with a good shape and design and where the bulb is visible. Its instant warm light brings a certain charming brightness to the room. You can place this bulb in any room, the living room with the modern art and the plants or the bedroom with warm paintings.

Most of the standard lamps out there use only 5% of the energy for conversion into light, the rest 95% of energy is wasted as heat. You must have noticed that many bulbs become very hot once they are switched off, and very quickly at that. B22 LED Bulbs uses energy saving technologies delivering the same amount of light as those bulbs but with 80% to 90% less energy consumption. Thus, it wastes very little energy as heat. Thus, with LED Bulbs B22 you save both energy as well as money.


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