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Control Your LED Lights Using an iPhone

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Developing a smart home network to control lighting and other aspects of home electronics can involve a significant amount of expense in remodelling your home and installing the expensive technology. Not any more… The introduction of the world’s first radio controlled LED light bulb means energy saving has never been so much fun!

Manufactured by a company called Insteon, this new 8-watt LED bulb produces a warm natural light equivalent to a 60-100 watt incandescent light bulb. Unlike the old-style bulbs the new LED lights can be dimmed via a remote control smartphone app specially designed to link with the LED bulb.

Quick and convenient to install, all you have to do is switch out your old incandescent lights and replace with the new LED bulbs. Since all the network technology is built into the LED bulb itself, the smartphone app is able to pick up the location of any newly installed bulbs in no time. A single bulb can be linked to a number of controlling devices, not just a smartphone. For example you may wish to link to a motion or door sensor or keypad.

In addition you can link multiple LED bulbs to a single controller so you can switch them all on and off at the same time. The mobile app from Insteon hosts all the lighting controls including a variety of other options for other smart products. In order to install this innovative new device in the first place you need to purchase one of the company’s Smart Link wireless controllers to add wireless access to your home lighting system. But the SmartLinc Hub is relatively inexpensive and is a cutting edge, eco-friendly device that is one step in the direction of future home automation. The free app is available for iOS and Android phones.


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