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G4 LED Bulb

The G4 LED Bulbs work on low voltages. They are perfect for use in automobiles. The G4 LED light Bulbs are much tougher and rugged as compared to the regular light bulbs. Thus G4 LED Bulbs is the best option if there is a requirement of a light bulb that consumes less energy.

  • The G4 LED bulbs produce very bright light and are very efficient.
  • They have a high lifetime of about 50000 hours
  • They have a very less running cost
  • They have no fragile filaments or tubes filled with gas and hence are safe to use
  • They operate on very low voltages
  • They can be completely recycled
  • They need almost no maintenance
  • They contain no mercury and hence are very environment friendly
  • The G4 LED Bulbs generate very less heat and thus last longer
  • They are available in small sizes
  • The G4 LED Light Bulbs are designed to fit in the sockets of the regular light bulbs
  • They are available in different colours  which makes them suitable for variety of applications

Due to their availability in multiple colours, the G4 LED Bulbs are used by lot of car owners or bike owners in order to have a different lighting which will make their vehicle look unique.

They can also be used inside cars to create mood lighting or provide lights with required intensities inside cars.

The G4 LED Light bulbs can be used in different applications like downlights, boats, cars,pelmet lighting, desklights, cabinet lighting etc.

LED G4 means Light Emitting Diode which do not depend on any metal filaments to produce light. They produce much brighter and purer light as compared to other regular light bulbs.
Thus, the G4 LED light bulbs are a perfect replacement for your car’s old fashioned light bulbs.


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