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Gloves With Built-In LED Lights Make Cycling Safer

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Cycling is becoming increasingly popular as a leisure activity and as a means of getting around in congested urban areas. A designer is using the latest LED lighting technology to increase riders visibility and improve safety for cyclists on the road in the dark.

LED light gloves

There are more people than ever before using pedal power as a means to get to work in the morning as a way to keep fit and to alleviate the crippling costs in fuel and insurance that comes with owning a car these days.

However getting on your bike is by no means the safest way to travel, with roads clogged with motor vehicles of all shapes and sizes it is difficult for cyclists to get noticed. Despite numerous safety campaigns, motorists still seem to regard people on two wheels as a hindrance and don’t seem to appreciate that they deserve space on the road too. To this end, city cyclists risk a lot when taking to the road, especially during busy times like rush hour in the morning and at the end of the workday.

Urban bikers have several accessories that will keep them relatively safe, the most important of which is a good helmet together with high visibility clothing. But now there is a new device that will help cyclists be seen in poor light conditions, LED biking gloves. In winter when it gets dark earlier, making sure they are visible to motorists is a real problem for bikers. One particular area that is the biggest cause of accidents with motor vehicles is drivers failure to see a cyclists hand signals in the dark.

LED cycling gloves

These new biker gloves have LED light bulbs sewn into the fabric are an excellent solution to the problem of signalling while riding at night. The LED lights are built into the back of the glove in an arrow-head pattern. There are five super bright LED bulbs attached to the fabric that are designed to light up when the hand is made into the shape of a fist. This is achieved with the use of special sensors in the palm and the conductive yarn fabric that the gloves are made from. Also, the LED light gloves have conductive areas on the fingertips that allow for touchscreen use. However, we’d recommend that you not use your phone while on a bike!

The LED gloves are powered using one small coin battery and the makers are looking to try and increase production so that this innovative safety device using the power of LED light bulbs can be more freely available for next winter.


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