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Godrevy Lighthouse Switches to Modern LED Lights

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The Godrevy Lighthouse is an iconic landmark on the Cornish coast, having been an invaluable navigational aid to ships and sailing vessels for over 150 years. The distinctive white building is perched out on Stones Reef at the northern point of St Ives Bay casts its bright white beam of light 12 nautical miles into the Atlantic Ocean warning ocean-going vessels from far and wide of the perilous rocks that lie close to the coastline.

Following an extensive review, authorities have decided that the existing light is to cease operations in favour of more energy-efficient LED lamps that are cheaper to install, maintain and more cost-effective to run. Even though these new LED lights do not cast a beam as far as the traditional lamps, they still conform to existing safety regulations whilst providing significant cost savings. The LEDs have a super-bright beam that will reach up to 8 nautical miles out to sea and will not actually be housed in the existing lighthouse building.

Although the Godrevy Lighthouse itself will no longer illuminate the night sky it still remains a significant landmark and the distinctive bright white octagonal structure will still be clearly visible during daylight hours and still remains a useful navigational aid for shipping. Sice in was constructed in 1859, Godrevy Light has significant historical interest to the region of Cornwall where it is situated, having been referred to in the Virgina Woolf novel The Lighthouse. The light itself was built after The Stones reef had caused a series of shipwrecks, culminating in the terrible sinking of SS Nile, which went down in the area in 1854 with the loss of all on board.

Now in the 21st century the old light will no longer blink but will be replaced by modern LED lamps, an essential consideration are the costs involved in providing the service. The new structure will mean less frequent maintenance visits, which will reduce the overheads for providing this aid to navigation.


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