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How to Synch Colour Changing LED Lights to Music

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One of the many benefits of LED lights, apart from their eco friendly advantages and the substantial energy cost reductions on offer, are the unique colour options produced by colour changing LED lights.

These fantastic coloured LED bulbs provide a huge array of colours, with millions of different hues available. They are primarily available as LED strip lights and are particularly popular as venue lighting for bars, clubs and social venues where flexible atmospheric lighting is required. Another desirable addition to an installation of coloured LED lights, especially for nightclubs and bars, is the ability to synch the lighting to flash in time with music.

There are a number of devices available that allow the synching of LED lights to a musical beat but they are often prohibitively expensive, especially for smaller independent venues that do not have the budget to splash out on high-end audio equipment. Now that is all about to change thanks to Elemental LED, an LED lighting company based in San Francisco, California, who have produced an affordable audio interface that sychs LED lights with music in any location.

Apollo Jammer

The new device is called the Audio Jammer, a simple to use audio interface that connects colour changing LED lights to an audio device to enable the lights to flash and change colour in response to music and different sounds – it is really easy to turn your music into a full colour LED light show. The Audio Jammer offers many different advanced features found on more expensive devices, whilst being very easy to use, with an innovative intuitive 2-button control system and a budget price point. So small it can fit in your pocket, the Apollo Jammer is just at home in your bedroom as it would be in a large nightclub!

How does it work? The Audio Jammer is designed to connect quickly and easily with a huge range of audio devices via the simple headphone jack. This means it can join with any MP3 player, smartphone, tablet, computer, television, games console or turntable. In addition the device is compatible with the full range of lighting options including colour changing LED wall lights, and 12-volt RGB LED lights like LED strip lights and LED rope lights.


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