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LED Bike Helmet Increases Cyclist Safety

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Riding a bike around increasingly busy and congested roads has never been more hazardous. It may be environmentally friendly and beneficial to your fitness but it is significantly less so if you are involved in an accident. Where motorists have a huge number of safety devices to protect them inside their cars, a cyclist has almost nothing, apart from a helmet, risking serious injury if in any sort of collision with an automobile.

The key aspect to biker safety is visibility, ensuring that they can be seen by other road users at all times. This can be accomplished by using bright clothing or a neon strap of some kind. Even with these precautions, riders who take to the roads during the early morning and early evening hours can still struggle to be seen.

The latest invention for bike safety is the LumaHelm, an ininovative cycle helmet that uses built-in LED lights to improve visibility in dark conditions. It is much more than just a piece of bike headgear with some lights stuck on it. The LumaHelm incorporates several interactive functions as well.

The helmet has a robust and sturdy design and has 9-10 LED strips embedded in the surface that change colour in accordance with the orientation of the rider’s head. The LumaHelm uses the energy efficient properties of LED light bulbs to create protective headgear that is both highly visible in low light conditions and performs a useful function for other road users. It doubles up as a communication device, too. A built in motion sensor is smart enough to tell if you are turning left or right thanks to a simple head tilt. Want to stop? Just tilt your head backwards, and it will light up accordingly.


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