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Want to make your Christmas more special and your Christmas tree the best Christmas tree? Here’s what you can do. Gone are the old Christmas lights where if one bulb goes off, the complete set has to be replaced. It is time to switch to the latest trend and innovation in the lighting industry – The LED Christmas Lights.

Why LED Christmas Lights?

  • The LED Christmas Lights last much longer than the traditional Christmas lights. They are designed to last for years.
  • They consume much less power as compared to the traditional Christmas lights and hence result in much lesser electricity cost
  • The LED Christmas Lights save 90% more energy as compared to other old fashioned Christmas lights
  • They are almost 10 times brighter than the traditional Christmas lights
  • They are available in multiple colours like Green, Blue, Red, White, Multi-coloured etc. and also in different shapes, colours and styles
  • They generate almost negligible heat which makes them very safe to handle
  • They are very easy to use
  • They are lighter in weight as compared to the other traditional Christmas lights
  • They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

There are several kinds of Christmas Lights available in the market today such as

  • Battery Lights that are portable, bright
  • Cluster Lights which means intense garlands of Christmas lights
  • Connectable LEDs in which number of LEDs can be turned on by using just one plug
  • Curtain Lights which is a cascade of Fairy lights
  • Micro LED Fairy Lights which are very bright
  • Net Lights
  • Ropelights which are easy to handle and easy to hang anywhere and are also available in desired lengths
  • Star Lights are the biggest attraction among LED Christmas Lights as they are sparkling and are versatile




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