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LED Downlights – Kitchen Lighting

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Switching to LED downlights for your kitchen can offer a wide range of advantages compared to other light sources.

  • Good illumination: people like to see what they are doing in the kitchen, particularly on work-surfaces where they prepare food. Lights should be suitably bright, but without being too harsh on the eyes – you don’t want your kitchen to appear too sterile! When choosing your LED bulb, remember to carefully examine luminosity (brightness), colour temperature and the beam angle in order to ensure the best possible results.
  • Wasted heat energy: one of the main problems associated with traditional halogen lights is that they give off a lot of heat, wasting a lot of energy in the process. Most of the cost of halogen lights is taken up in the electricity it take sot power them; therefore this waste can be costly to you. If the bulbs are on low level cabinet lighting, this also exposes the items in the cupboard above to some heat, especially if the lights are left on for a long time. Replacing these with LED equivalents prevents this from happening, as they give off very little heat.


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