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LED Lighting Designed to Help Children With Sensory Disorders

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The uses and applications of LED lighting technology are many and varied, and growing every day. Most people think of LED lights as the bulbs they use to illuminate their home or office space but there are designers who are utilising the benefits of this new lighting technology in increasingly more creative and useful ways.

One such example is the Silvi Sensory Integration Centre, a new state-of-the-art facility for autistic children and others with sensory processing disorders. The space used to be an empty garage that has been transformed into a sensory centre complete with a fully programmable computer sound and LED lighting system, together with cushions and bubble towers that visitors can feel vibrating in sync with songs. Shapes from simple circles to pinwheels project on the wall.

LED strip lighting has been used to good effect in the play loft which features a number of different coloured switches that the children are free to touch and press, where they can change the lighting and sound themselves.

The new centre, funded by the Silvi Foundation, allows therapists to create beneficial programmes for individual youngsters, based around the main senses of touch, light and sound, helping them overcome their sensory processing disorders. Another benefit of the center is that by using the different mood lighting offered by LED technology, therapists are able to calm down excited children in order that they can learn better.

The Silvi Sensory Integration Centre is designed to cater for the needs of every child with a sensory disorder and the use of LED lighting together with the other facilities available is a key benefit in benefitting autistic youngsters and overcome their condition.


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