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The LED strip lighting is a perfect replacement for the old fashioned fluorescent lightings. The LED strip lighting is the latest trend in the lighting industry. The strip lighting is basically useful in decorating the house, offices, on occasions, on staircase, under shelves, display units, to illuminate canopies, for architectural & automotive decorative lighting etc. The LED lighting strips have following advantages.

  • They are available in single colours or changing colours
  • They are normally waterproof which avoids any hazards
  • The LED strip lighting are very useful in places where the single lights are not suitable or there is a need of multiple lights and it’s not feasible to have multiple lights
  • A standard LED lighting strip has a lifetime of about 50000 hours
  • Connecting them is very easy
  • They consume very less electricity thus result in less electricity bills
  • The generate negligible amount of heat hence no worries of damaging the device
  • The LED strips are available in all lengths
  • The LED strip lighting can be rigid or flexible both. There are some different shapes available in the rigid ones like linear, round etc. Also, the flexible LED strip lighting can be adjusted in different shapes as required.

Most of the LED lighting strips come with adhesive tapes. They have proven to be very effective in creating mood lighting as per the occasion. Even though they seem little more expensive than traditional lighting, they prove to be much cheaper in long run because they last long hence no need to replace them frequently.

There are many manufacturers in the market who provide innovative and new designs of the LED strip lightings. The costs of LED strip lighting vary depending on their sizes, designs etc. between £5 and £200 or even more.


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