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You might confuse a LED rope light and the LED Strip lights. The main difference is that, while the rope has a 360-degree distribution of light, the strip will usually emit light towards one direction. This makes them good for highlighting details by focusing the light towards specific locations. This increases their versatility and usability in areas where you want to conceal the lighting source.

This focusing of light makes them ideal for interior decoration. Although they have similar features to rope lights, LED strips are far more versatile.

As it is with LED technology, the LED Strip Lights have high energy saving capabilities saving up to 90% of energy. They are durable, with strong bases and hard bodies protecting them from mechanical and environmental damage. This feature makes them outstanding among other bulb types. To protect the environment and yourself, they are made to be eco-friendly hence no emissions are released into the air during and after usage. You can also dim strip lights easily using LED compatible dimmers, saving more energy and creating a friendlier environment for you.

LED Strip Lights come in two main categories, the ultra bright lights and the decorative strip lights together with colour-changing RGB options. Get creative and order strip lights today!


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