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Torch is one thing that is very essential in households as well as mines, factories etc. The LED torches are the popular choice these days for following reasons.

In the LED torches, energy loss in the form of heat is very less and hence they can generate brighter light as compared to the other torches
Due to bright light they can cover much more distance as compared to the traditional torches

Different types of LED torches available in the market are

  • LED Head torches which generate bright light and they don’t have to be carried in hand which is the best option for workers in mines etc. since they need light in the mines and they cannot carry the torches in hand while working
  • LED Hand torches are the first choice among households today
  • LED Driving Torches which are mainly useful while driving in secluded areas or forests where there need for additional lights
  • LED Lanterns which are used very commonly for camping etc. due to their light weight and very bright light
  • Police torches also use the LEDs these days because of their bright light and high power

The regular krypton bulb Maglite doesn’t use 3D cells while the LED torches do. Main advantages of LED torches over regular torches are

  • They are very efficient and powerful as against the regular torches. They look like new even after years of usage as their body is of Aluminium.
  • They consume very less energy
  • They are smaller & lighter than the regular torches
  • They last longer than the regular torches
  • The average burn time of LED torches is 60 hours
  • The LED torches are much better in quality, last longer and are more reliable as compared to the Maglite torches




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