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Gone are the days when people used to buy the bulky, huge fluorescent tube lights which were not easy to carry, were delicate and most importantly were not bright enough. Today, the new trend is to buy the very light in weight, slim LED Tube Lights. The much improved version of tube lights, the LED Tube Lights are in the market for more than 3 years now and are becoming more & more popular day by day.

The LED Tube Lights make use of number of LEDs encased together to produce bright white light. They either use the multi-LED format or make use of the high power 1W LEDs which get encased together. The most important features or highlights of the LED Tube Lights are

  • They save upto 2/3rd of electricity cost due to the low energy consumption
  • They last for about 50000 hours hence the frequency of changing the tube lights reduces
  • The LED Tube Lights don’t contain mercury which can be harmful, hence they are safer to handle as compared to the regular old fashioned fluorescent Tube Lights that contains mercury
  • They are available in different lengths as against the fluorescent tube lights which are mostly available in one standard size
  • The LED Tube Lights can fit well in the traditional fluorescent tube light fixtures. Only requirement is to either remove or bypass the ballast and starter if its there
  • They work on cool operating temperature and do not emit lots of heat like the traditional bulbs
  • They are strong, with the ability to withstand voltage discrepancies

There are several different kinds of LED Tube Lights available in the market depending on their sizes, power consumption, luminous flux, power factors, lamp size etc.

Thus, the LED Tube Lights are a perfect and much more efficient replacement for the fluorescent tube lights.


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