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MR11 Bulbs

The MR11 LED Bulbs are intended as a direct replacement for their halogen counterparts. The halogen bulbs have several disadvantages over other types of lighting, mostly relating to their high operating temperature and pressurised bulb. These bulbs can reach temperatures over 200 degrees Celsius, dramatically increasing the risk of fire should anything flammable come in contact or even just into close proximity to the bulb or even the fixture. The quartz capsule containing the filament and halogen gas is pressurised and therefore can explode if handled carelessly or damaged. Their useful life can also be prematurely cut short if their filaments experience mechanical shock or vibration.

MR11 LED bulbs therefore have a number of advantage over halogen; they have a life of approximately 50,000 hours, consume lesser electricity and provide a higher light output, while at the same time reducing the electricity & replacement bills. Due to the fact that they have no filament, they also waste far less energy in the form of heat and are far, far less likely to explode. Perfect if you are looking for a low energy, less dangerous light source to replace your old halogen MR11s.


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