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Some useful information about E27 LED Bulbs

E27 LED Bulbs are used at many places. It fits standard UK household sockets with high power capacity and gives you the perfect amount of brightness and lighting. LED bulbs are used for traffic lights, standard light bulb sockets, high powered flashlights etc. They are energy saving bulbs which give great levels of brightness with low power.

How well a place is lit is judged upon by people almost immediately. The lighting system used, the bulbs used decide the home owner’s choice, whether he is just about getting some random bulbs without any thought or whether he buys something which shows he is concerned about conserving 80-90% less energy. E27 LED Bulbs have the ability to give as much light output as a standard 25 Watt light bulb while consuming 8 times less power. It comes in colours of white, warm white, blue, red and green.

E27 LED bulbs

While conserving energy, it is also environmentally safe. E27 LED Bulbs has 20 times the lifespan of a normal light bulb. Here are its applications:

1. Home/business.
2. Entertainment lighting
3. Architectural lighting
4. Medical lighting
5. Portable lighting
6. City lights

The 5 Watts E27 LED Bulbs can light up a whole room. It makes the best replacement to standard light bulbs. It has symmetric light distribution style. You can find different types of E27 LED Bulbs like the LED globe bulbs, candle bulbs, normal household bulbs and more.

The operation temperature of these LED bulbs is -25 to 50 degree Celsius. They come with at least two years of warranty. They are more economical to buy than halogens. These bulbs are available in dimmable and non dimmable options. They have an isolated circuit design and have professionally designed aluminium housing, thus leading to better heat dissipation.

These LED bulbs have a frosted anti-glare design and are very safe and reliable. The ones which can be used only for indoors use 5.5 W +/- 10%. Thus, they are the best replacements to halogens and fluorescent light bulbs. E27 LED Bulbs is the ideal solution for any kind of lighting project.


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