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Supermarkets Switching On to the Benefits of LED Lighting

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Supermarkets and retail food stores are replacing their existing fluorescent lights with LED lights. There are a number of reasons for making the change, with the main benefit being the significant cost reductions involved thanks to the energy saving properties of LED light bulbs.

There are however a number of additional advantages for using LED lighting technology in a large food stores with a number of departments and different display areas. The high quality of the light produced by LEDs together with the adaptability and variety of different fittings means that store owners can display different types of produce in the most beneficial manner.

For example, using the correct type of energy-efficient lighting can make a particular product look a completely different colour and far more appealing to the customer. Anecdotal evidence suggests that by making products like fresh fruit and vegetables look more attractive using enhanced levels of LED lighting, will in fact increase sales in the fresh produce department.

How does LED light make food look more attractive? It is to do with the colour of the light produced by LEDs, it usually appears warmer than that produced by fluorescent lighting, which can really enhance the appearance of fresh food.

Also, specialised under cabinet LED lighting allows store owners to kit out their freezer and display cabinets with highly effective illumination solution to display frozen and pre-packed products. These areas usually require brighter cool white light as opposed to the warmer tones used in other parts of the store. This bluer hue of LED light has been found to work best in areas like freezer cabinets, making it easier for customers to see what they are buying.

It is easy to see why supermarkets are waking up to the diverse array of advantages offered by LED lighting, not only will they save huge amounts on lighting bills, LEDs produce far less heat than fluorescent bulbs and there are far more effective lighting solutions with LED to enhance the customer shopping experience.


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