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Surfing With LED Surfboards

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Pukas, one of the biggest surfboard manufactures in Europe, has recently thrown a new innovation to the waters – LED surfboards.

LED surfboards certainly make surfing in the dark a little more fun! The light-up boards allow surfers to take to the ocean day or night. The LEDs not only allow the surfer clan to personalise their boards, they also give them more visibility at dusk.

The waterproof LEDs adorn the boards, creating various light patterns. Some appear around the edges, whilst others run straight down the middle of the board. The colours vary dramatically and include every hue from vivid red to bright white; the surfers themselves can alternate these hues via the remote.

The LED strip lights together with a receiver are installed into the board prior to the glassing process. The RGB lights are placed in a partition in the surfboard together with a computer connection and a few stoppers with O-rings. These stop the lighting from becoming damaged by the water. The boards must undergo a laminating and waterproofing process before they can enter the water. Surfers alike can then jump aboard, lighting up the ocean as they go.

The self-illuminating surfboards are causing quite a stir in the surfing world, with a number of pros choosing to test them out.

The majority of pro-surfers already boast a great deal of street cred, and the reign of illuminated boards will only further this. Those that wish to get their hands on one of these must-have surfing tools will have to be quick, there are only a few prototypes available.

Pro-Surfer Joan Duru already owns one of the LED boards, which was designed in an area near Mundaka in Spain’s Basque Country.


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