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The Most Efficient Streetlight in the World

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A new solar powered streetlight has been hailed as the most efficient LED street lighting system in the world. Combining cutting-edge solar energy technology with the latest exterior LED lighting solution has resulted in the creation of a streetlight that is cost effective and highly energy efficient. This means it can be used in parts of the world where traditional forms of lighting of this type would have been impossible to install. Also, it becomes a viable solution for established populated areas throughout the world where the spiralling costs of electricity make it cost prohibitive to run an efficient street lighting system with its inherently huge energy wastage.

This new LED streetlight powered by the sun’s energy has been developed by Philips and goes under the name of Solar Gen2. The Dutch electronics manufacturer enlisted the assistance of NXP Semiconductors to use their expertise to put the finishing touches to the system.

The Most Efficient Streetlight in the World

LED lights are becoming more and more popular for use in the home, with GU10 LED bulbs replacing their halogen counterparts at an increasingly rapid rate. Therefore it is a natural progression that LEDs be developed for use in other lighting systems we take for granted, the most obvious of which being exterior street lighting.

The Solar Gen2 system is made up of a combination of high luminosity LED lights with advanced solar panels and an intelligent electronic charge control system. Philips claims that bringing all this technology together in a single unit makes it the worlds most efficient and cost-effective streetlight.

The super bright LED bulbs used in Solar Gen2 produce enough light so that the units can be spaced up to 50 metres apart. The hugely efficient solar technology makes the best use of the suns energy; making these lights ideally suited to cities and populated areas where there is a lot of sunlight, particularly along the equator.

Combining the latest LED lighting with solar and battery developments produces a system that gives unparalleled reliability and the most cost-effective off-grid lighting solution that can help cities meet their growing energy demand and significantly improve the lives of people who currently live without electricity.


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