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The World’s First LED Stadium Lights

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The world of stadium and event lighting is about to be turned on its head with the introduction of high power low voltage LED lighting technology. The industry standard for stadium illumination at the moment is metal halide lights, but that is all set to change with the worlds first LED stadium lights that can match existing systems in professional sports stadiums whilst bringing huge additional benefits in reduced energy usage and increased life spans.

LED stadium lights

One of the biggest cost drains on sports stadiums across the world comes from lighting. Powering the huge flood light gantries that surround the stadium in order to illuminate the playing area requires significant amounts of money to be spent. In these times of economic hardship and environmental awareness, these costs are becoming increasingly more difficult to justify, not to mention the huge amounts of electricity being used.

Using the most advanced LED lighting technology, a US company has designed super bright LED lights that can compete with even the brightest of their metal halide counterparts. It is well known in the lighting industry that metal halides are fairly energy efficient when you look at how bright they are but this type of lighting system suffers from a high failure rate – metal halide lights simply don’t last very long.

LED flood lights

LED stadium lights use 60% less electricity than metal halide lights, that is a huge cost saving in itself, but the real benefit comes in their operational lifecycle. LED flood lights typically last many thousands of hours meaning they very rarely need to be changed once they are installed. Another benefit of LED lights for sports stadiums in particular is the reduced light pollution – LED lighting is far more directional than traditional forms of lighting, allowing more focussed beams of light with less illumination being lost to the surrounding environment.

The new lights first commercial installation will be in the soon to be built Central New York Raceway, who hope to save many thousands of dollars on their electricity bills by being LED stadium lighting pioneers. There has been a lot of additional interest in this technology from stadium owners the world over. The manufacturers have received a number of serious enquiries from Premier League football clubs in the UK.


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