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Using MR16 LED Bulbs to Save Energy

Designed for indoor use, MR16 LED Bulbs save up to 80% of energy when compared to the traditional halogen bulbs. They have high thermal resistant, which adds to their energy saving properties, as they do not emit energy in form of heat as the others do. Structurally, they are created with the best of features to give a first impression that lasts. In door means you can use them in the house, office, shop or and other place well within premises. They add decorative and elegance features, even when they are turned off. In installation, they will be used with the MR16 torch bases.

Just like any other LED bulb, you will be saving enough energy from these bulbs because of the types of LEDs used. In normal bulbs, filaments are what cause the bulbs not to last long. This is because the entire lighting process depends on the strength of the filament. Without such filaments in MR16 LED Bulbs, have a very long lifespan and replacement comes when you want to change the bulbs and not because they have they have stopped functioning. The length of lifespan also guarantees that you will be saving on the mounts spent in frequently replacing the ordinary bulbs.

The MR16 LED Bulbs very well into the MR16 fitting hence no flickering due to problems in the fittings. They give enough light to brighten a normal living room with just one bulb. While other bulbs burn and emit carbon and other components into the air, these ones do not released any harmful chemicals into the atmosphere making the best of choice for a greener environment. With lifetimes of about 50000 hours, and an energy saving percentage of 80%, you will be saving hugely on your electricity bills. Whether for official or residential use, these bulbs work well in any environment.


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