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Weird and Wacky LED Lamps for the Wild at Heart.

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Most lamps out there stick to a practical if fairly monotonous template some kind of base, some kind of bulb, some kind of shade but not with LED light bulbs. However, occasionally someone will come up with a design that’s just a little bit more wacky. Here’s a taster of some of the more ‘unusual’ lamps available out there:

Most of us manage to eventually move past the ‘pulling wings off flies’ stage of childhood, but for those who can’t quite let go of their inner sadist, there’s always this morbid lamp from Spanish design studio Enpieza. A solitary mournful lightbulb hangs from the frame, condemned so that the rest of us may be able to see in the dark. It’s really quite touching.

Do you believe?

Even for those of us who can’t quite bring ourselves to stand outside the tube station and hand out pamphlets on crop circles, there’s still this amusing Alien Abduction Lamp. An unwitting cow stands underneath a spaceship, waiting for you to turn on the LED forcefield and beam them up to a life of exciting interplanetary adventures. Turn it on and make their dreams of eating grass on Mars come true.

Wokka-wokka-wokka. We’ve always maintained that light-up video game characters from the 80s make the best mood lighting, and these LED Pac-man ghosts even come in a range of colours for your enjoyment. Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde (yes, those are their painfully adorable official names) will light up your house and inject a dose of playful retro fun at the same time. Now if only someone would make Mario…

Ah, someone already did! Well, kind of. They made the mushrooms anyway. These cheerful lamps are powered by two LEDs, and are turned on and off by pushing down the top. Put them with the Pacman ghosts and complete your Eighties Video Game themed love nest.

Here’s a night light with a difference – it’s not quite clear whether this playful character is merely hanging off your plug casually or trying to steal it, but whatever his motives for being there, his LED head lights up to gently illuminate your room whenever you turn it on.

Here’s an ecofriendly light for everyone who wanted a lizard as a kid and wasn’t allowed one, which is 95% of people who wanted a lizard. This unusual Gecko slinks up your wall, lighting up your room with its head. Just like a real Gecko. Better yet, you don’t have to keep it warm or clean out its cage.

With all this on offer and even more quirky lamps lurking on the far recesses of the internet, why not go mad with your decorating – gecko crawling through a haunted forest of mushrooms, anyway? Just stick a long-lasting LED bulb in your lamps, and your new friends can crawl and hang to their heart’s content, providing you with light and startling the neighbours for years to come.


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