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World’s Three Most Powerful Torches

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Experienced a power outage recently? You know the first thing on everyone’s mind the moment an outage occurs is: where’s the torch?
Here are three mega-powerful torches that will ensure you find your way around your next outage with so much brightness, you won’t miss a thing.

1. The Torch—this torch is currently being tested by Guinness World Records to be the winner of most powerful flashlight in the world. At 4100 lumens of power, this torch can literally cook eggs with penetration, so should be used with caution. At a cost of about $180, this light doesn’t come cheap, but clearly, it’s guaranteed not to leave you in the dark.

2. The Tactical NG is waterproof, so is therefore ideal for any emergency involving water, and gives off 3300 lumens of light. This torch can be programmed for control of things like dimming and temperature with cooling capabilities, and it also comes with a warranty.

3. LED’s High Power Torch—this torch gives off 900 lumens of light and is light-weight, compact and portable, so is easily accessible in any emergency outage. It also comes with convenient rechargeable batteries that last for up to ten hours, as the last thing you want to do in an outage is to grope around trying to find more batteries. It also comes in high and low settings, so you needn’t worry about unnecessarily blinding anyone and is a steal at £50.

Having a torch on hand is an ideal way to make sure you’re thoroughly prepared for your next emergency or outage situation, and ultra-powerful torches won’t let you down and make sure you see light even if Mother Nature shrouds you in darkness. Just make sure to store your power torch in a memorable, handy place that’s readily accessible, so when the time comes, you’ll be so relieved you did.


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