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  1. 13 W

    13 Watt PAR 38 LED Spotlight - E27 Fitting

    13 Watt PAR 38 LED Spotlight - E27 Fitting

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    High performance with 1000+ Lumen output

    • High
    • 1050 Lumens

      Since LED light bulbs are designed to use less energy than halogen spots, wattage is not a reliable way to gauge how bright the bulb is. Brightness is measured in Lumens.

      With LED spotlights there is more to consider than just a direct Lumen comparison with the halogen equivalent. The superior light quality given off by LEDs and much lower bulb degradation rate over time must also be taken into account. This is why the stated Lumen output for an LED spotlight is often less than that quoted for a halogen spot bulb it replaces.

      Brightness Scale



    • Wide
      Beam Angle
    • 60º Beam Angle

      The beam angle is how wide the beam is spread. If you have a very narrow beam angle your light will be projected like a handheld torch whereas if you have a wide beam angle it will be much softer and spread like a traditional bulb. Wide beam angle are best for living areas such as living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms where you are looking for a softer light and narrow beam angles for targeting specific areas or for decoration.


    • No
      Dimmable (Option)
    • Dimmable (Option)

      Dimmable LED bulbs are only compatible with a dedicated "Trailing Edge" dimmer switch that reduces the current flow. Your bulbs will not work effectively if used with the conventional "Leading Edge" dimmer switches that operate with a higher current flow.

      When ordering dimmable LEDs please ensure you have an LED-compatible Dimmer Switch.

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