June, 2015


Light Up Your Garden This Summer

Insider Tips, Inspiration

June 19, 2015

Now summer is here it's time to make the most of your garden and outdoor space. LED Garden lighting is the perfect way to prolong your garden parties, BBQs and cosy nights outside. LED lighting has many  other benefits too, the biggest being that ...

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The Benefits of Feature Lighting

Insider Tips, Inspiration, Trade

June 2, 2015

Stripping it back to basics Feature lighting is becoming a cornerstone of modern interior design. LED strip lighting in particular - which is flexible, cost-effective and easy-to-install - is at the forefront of the revolution. However, many contract...

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The Top 10 Inventions Of All Time

Insider Tips

June 24, 2015

Throughout time inventions have changed the way we live, be it in work or play. Today we’re looking at our top ten, and to avoid favouritism we’ve put them in the order they were invented. Unapologetically we obviously have our own favorite, but which was yours? The Wheel  -  3500 BC Without this invention we wouldn’t now ...

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LEDs From Around The World: The Empire State Building


June 17, 2015

The Empire State Building stands pervasively in the heart of midtown Manhattan and measures a staggering 1,454 ft high. It’s the 2nd largest building in New York City, the 25th largest in the world and offers a focal point for tourists eager to get a view of the sprawling city skyline. [caption id="attachment_1205" align="aligncenter" width="...

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GET CREATIVE – Twig/Branch Lights Part 1


June 5, 2015

Welcome to our latest installment of Get Creative and our first look at Branch Lights. Bringing natural materials indoors has always been popular with interior desingers because you can create a warm, comfortable feel in any area. A popula...

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How To Make The Most Of Our New Solar Lantern

Insider Tips

June 3, 2015

We’re pleased to introduce our new versatile solar LED lantern. This product comes with many functions, can be powered in several ways and you can use it in any location no matter the weather, terr...

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Is this the world’s longest lasting lamp?


June 12, 2015

Jake Dyson, son of Sir James, has developed a ground-breaking LED desk lamp that’s been designed to last 37 years based on average use. Part of Jake Dyson’s CSYS range, the lamp - which is priced at £399 - comes with an incredible 160,000 hour life span. It works by using heat pipe technology that draws heat from the LEDs, and is then disp...

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LED-Man’s Big Questions 08/06/15

Help Hub

June 8, 2015

We are pleased to introduce LED Man. His mission is to help people make the upgrade to LED lighting and by doing so save them money and help save the planet, one bulb at a time. His first task is answer the big questions most commonly asked by you. Q: What is the range of the sensor on the Read article


LED-Man’s Big Questions 22/06/15

Help Hub

June 22, 2015

LED-Man strikes again with this week's big questions. Today he looks at dimmable MR16s, tubes and new gadgets.   Q: Are your MR16s dimmable? A: Unfortunately there isn’t an easy answer to this; some LED MR16 are, some aren't. Ple...

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LED-Man’s Big Questions 15/06/15

Help Hub

June 15, 2015

Welcome to the 2nd edition of LED Man's Big Questions. He's continuing his quest to help people make the change to LED bulbs by answering the most common questions raised by you. Q: I'm looking for GU10s that I can use with a dimmer. What have you available? A: All of our GU10s have dimmable options. Just select the dimmab...

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This Week’s Big LED Questions – 01/06/15

Help Hub

June 1, 2015

Welcome to this weeks edition of the most asked questions by our customers. Hopefully this will help you with queries you may have.  Q: Is it usual for LED downlights to have wide beam 120 degrees. We have used LED GU10's in spot light fittings but th...

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