July, 2015


Who needs a CCTV system when you can have this guy instead?

LEDHut News

July 15, 2015

Live stream, video record, take photos and more from anywhere in the world. Don’t be fooled by its innocuous appearance, LUMiCam is a compact home security system that you can place tactfully anywhere in your home. You ...

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GET CREATIVE – Transform Your Home Using Crystal Lighting

Insider Tips, Inspiration

July 21, 2015

Light fittings and lamps can make or break a rooms décor, so great consideration should be taken when selecting yours. They can complement and enhance a particular style, whilst also changing the mood when needed. Today we'll be looking at stunning effects you can create with crystal chandeliers and lamps. Read article


Want lower energy bills? Here’s how… and it’s not what you think.

Insider Tips, LEDHut News, News

July 21, 2015

It’s now official: “Millions of Britons are over overpaying for their energy”. And the most damning thing about this statement is how little it shocks. In response, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have recommended a price-ca...

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What happened when Appbot took on The Terminator?

Insider Tips

July 17, 2015

Robots have fascinated us for decades and appeared throughout TV and film. The phrase robot even came from a piece of fiction, the play Rossum’s Universal Robots from 1920. Like anything else we have favourites. Today we see how they compared to our very own Read article


LEDs from around the world: Eiffel Tower


July 15, 2015

Synonymous with romance, art and fashion, Paris has long been arguably regarded as the capital of European culture. From the grande Louvre art museum, to the Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, the city is steeped in a history that’s also been host to many-a bloody episode too, such as the French Revolution which precipitated irrevocable change in s...

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Celebrity Special: Megaboard Vs SmartGlider

Insider Tips, News

July 29, 2015

There's a new toy in town and celebrities have not been shy in showing off their skills on the latest gadget craze: the self-balancing board. There are a few different makes out there, and a recent article in Heat Magazine shows Rita Ora on a MegaBoard, while other celebs have been seen having a go on our very own Read article


LED-Man’s Big Questions 16/07/15

Insider Tips

July 16, 2015

Have any questions about about LED lighting, then LED-Man is here to help. No question's too probing, no issue left unresolved.   Q:I am fitting a new bathroom. Do you have a guide as to how many bulbs or the total number of lumens I would need for a given area? A: We recommend a distance between spotlight fittings...

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LED-Man’s Big Questions 28/07/15

Insider Tips

July 28, 2015

After a week away, LED-Man has returned to answer all LED based questions. Here are this week's Big Questions.   Q: How many colour-changing lamps can I control from one device? A: We have 2 types; an GU10 & MR16 that use remote and can control multiple bulbs within the remotes range. Also we have Read article


What Have Chris Brown, Mario Balotelli & Justin Bieber Got In Common?

Insider Tips

July 24, 2015

Well, depending on what you want to call it, they’ve all been gliding, sliding, scooting, hovering and segwaying as they hop onto the latest craze to go viral. Self-balancing electric scooters, as they’re known on Sundays, have been taking the inter...

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You’ll love having a go on one of these

LEDHut News, News

July 13, 2015

Innovators are always looking for cool ways to make travel interesting because, let's face it, we humans got bored of walking from A to B a long time ago. Already we have those motorised skateboards. But balancing on them is a nightmare. There are also segways, of course. But they’re big, cumbersome and you’re likely to knock people flying...

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Salford FC And Manchester United In Monday Night Thriller

News, Trade

July 14, 2015

Monday night saw Salford City step out in their new kit (sponsored by LED Hut) for the first time as they faced Manchester United Under-21s for their opening fixture of pre-season. There was more than local pride at stake in this fixture as both sides featured formers players who had appeared for their r...

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The World’s First Home Security Robot

LEDHut News, News

July 7, 2015

The latest addition to our product listing is a little left-field this time, but we’re unashamedly excited about it here at LEDHut. It's not quite human, but more-so than a PC. It can see and move, just not like you and me... But enough of the riddles, it's time to meet Appbot: the world's first home security robot. Read article


LED Hut Sponsors Of Salford City FC

News, Trade

July 2, 2015

We are proud to announce that LED Hut are now the official Sponsors Of Salford City FC. The two year partnership sees the Greater Manchester-based organisations join forces to help spread the word of energy-saving LED lighting. The deal involves sponsorship of Salford City shirts and advertising hoardings across Moor Lane, with future communi...

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LED-Man’s Big Questions 07/07/15

Insider Tips

July 7, 2015

It's that time of the week again for LED-Man to save the day and help with the biggest questions of the week.   Q: What is the warranty on your bulbs? A: All our bulbs carry a standard warranty of 2 years. However, you can extend this to 5 years at no extra cost by completing and returning the form here:  Read article


10 Lights That Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

Insider Tips

July 3, 2015

On Bright Ideas we look at everything and anything about lighting, whether it's practical or inspirational, techy or stylish, we'll cover it. In this post we look at the brighter side of lighting (pun intended) and the weird and 'wonderful' ways in which people use LEDs around the home.   When The Moment Takes You ...

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LED-Man’s Big Questions 01/07/15

Insider Tips

July 1, 2015

Here to save the day again, your friendly LED-Man. Today he's combating issues on travel, transformers and downlights.   Q: I have a thick ceiling. What is the distance from the back of the face of the short GU10 fitting to the bottom of the spring catch?  A: 34mm   Q: Have you got any downlight ...

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