August, 2015


Sarah Beeny’s 5 Savvy Tips On LED Lighting

Insider Tips

August 27, 2015

Sarah Beeny is well-known for her property and interior design expertise, coming to national prominence on shows such as Property Ladder, Property Snakes & Ladders and Double Your House for Half the Money. With lighting being an integral part of any interior, Sarah was an ideal choice to partner-up with us at LED Hut.  A good lighting sch...

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Why are incandescent bulbs banned?

Insider Tips

August 14, 2015

Incandescent bulbs are relatives of the original light bulb invented by Thomas Edison in 1879. In technological terms, this basically means they're prehistoric. But why are these incandescent bulbs banned? They create lighting by heating a filament until it glows, which is a highly inefficient method of lighting because almost all the energy ...

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Why Choose LED Tube Lighting For Your Business?

Insider Tips, Trade

August 4, 2015

Businesses everywhere are switching to LED to not only save money on their energy bills, but also dramatically reduce maintenance costs that are often a subversive influence on commercial budgets. LED tubes for business are an easy way to make this switch. Whether you’re planning a whole new lighting scheme from scratch, or switching over fro...

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LED-Man’s Big Questions 28/08/15

Insider Tips

August 28, 2015

We end the working week with an edition of LED-Man's Big Questions. This week he is helping with LED dimmer switches, glass bulbs and floodlights. Q:  I have a light with GU10 fittings - but a couple of the LED's I've tried for it don't actually fit...

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LED-Man’s Big Questions 13/08/15

Insider Tips

August 13, 2015

Your favorite time of the week again when LED-Man answers your queries from the last 7 days. Today he covers returns, CFLs, brightness and more. Q: Please clarify the returns procedure. A: As per our returns policy, goods can be returned for exchange within 30 days. Use the order number as authorisation code for the return...

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LED-Man’s Big Questions 06/08/15

Insider Tips

August 6, 2015

Back and better than ever, LED-Man is here to answer your LED related questions. Q: I want to put some LED strip on shelves in my alcove. The shelves a...

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How To Ride The SmartGlider Self Balancing Board

Help Hub, Insider Tips

August 3, 2015

SmartGlider, the electric balance board sometimes called a hoverboard, is a great way to get around and have a laugh too. Before you can do this, you have to master how to ride it first. So here’s our step by step guide on how to ride the Read article


Give a unicycle a motor and you get this…

LEDHut News

August 11, 2015

When you think of unicycles, images of mustachioed men clad in tweed jackets and clowns teetering on tight-ropes tend to spring to mind. While those halcyon days of innocent tomfoolery and actual face-to-face communication may be gone, we’ve decided to bring the unicycle back. But with a twist. Instead of peddling your way from A to B, ...

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