September, 2015


Case study: Pheasant Pub Worcester moves to LED

Case Studies, Commercial, Trade

September 28, 2015

Making the savvy switch drastically benefits many businesses, today we look at Pub LED Lighting. The Pheasant Pub in Worcester, like so many in the UK, faces a constant battle to keep punters coming through the doors, day after day. It does this successfully through offering locally sourced gourmet food, real ales and an authentic atmosphere ...

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See how much your business could save by switching to LED

Case Studies, Commercial, Trade

September 2, 2015

You probably already know the key facts that LEDs could save businesses money up to 90% on energy bills, dramatically reduce maintenance costs and last up to 20-times longer than halogen equivalents. But how much exactly could they save you? In this post we show you how much the average retail outlet could save based on a prospect...

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5 of the best vintage pendant lamps


September 17, 2015

We love the look of our vintage bulbs here at LED Hut. The glowing filament that sits exposed inside the shapely glass shell evokes images of the early 20th century, and this rustic look is as popular as ever, as industrial decor has seen an in...

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Style Of The Week #1

Insider Tips, Inspiration

September 29, 2015

This is a new series in which we look at stylish decors and lighting schemes, and comes complete with tips on how to achieve the look. Today we look at bedroom lighting. Read article


Could LEDs win the World Cup?

Insider Tips

September 25, 2015

As the Rugby World Cup is now very much up and running, we’ve decided to get in the sporting spirit, so we’ve put some of our favourite LEDs to the test. With the help of Britain’s leading sports analysts (ok, maybe we’re pushing it a bit now) we’ve taken the best stats from each LED to see which sport they’d suit. See how they got on below. ...

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Glasgow LEDing the way in energy efficient lighting

LEDHut News, News, Trade

September 30, 2015

The Climate Group, who have launched a campaign urging cities to switch to LED lighting to reduce carbon emissions, have cited Glasgow as a leading example for other cities to follow. Glasgow began their switch to LED in March this year by replacing 10,000 streetlights as...

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Why Are LED Bulbs Expensive?

Help Hub, Insider Tips

September 22, 2015

There are lots of reasons why LED bulbs are the best option when choosing lighting for your home; money saving, longer lasting and better light quality. However, one opposition from people considering the switch from, say, halogens to LEDs is Why Are LED Bulbs Expensive in price per lamp. ...

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LED-Man’s Big Questions 24/09/15

Insider Tips

September 24, 2015

Is it a bird or is it a plane? No it's LED-Man here to answer all your big questions from the week.   Q. Why is light being cut off in my GU10 fitting in my bathroom? A. The reason why you are experiencing this problem is because you are using the 4 watt GU10 bulb with the wide beam angle (120degree). Your bathroom...

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A halogen and an LED did the MiHome test. See how they got on…

Case Studies, Residential

September 9, 2015

Bold claims are all good and well, but at the end of the day it’s actions that speak louder than words. At LED Hut, we constantly laud the brilliance of our lighting. Not least how energy-saving and cost effective they are. We decided to show their true energy-saving potential by using a Read article


St Helens Council to invest £3m in LED lighting


September 21, 2015

St Helens Council has answered public calls to replace 10,000 obsolete lighting lanterns with a pledge to invest almost £3m in LED lighting replacements. The move is predicted to lead to savings of almost £422,101 per-year for the council, meaning it’ll take just over 3 years for the...

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A quick guide to dimmable LEDs

Insider Tips

September 3, 2015

Let’s face it, the right lighting can make or break a mood. Whether you’re settling down to an action thriller, throwing an awesome party or simply trying to, well, ‘get romantic’, lighting plays a big role in setting the tone. Dimmable LEDs can help with this. One common misconception is that you can’t dim LED bulbs. However, this couldn’t b...

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LED-Man’s Big Questions 18/09/15

Insider Tips

September 18, 2015

LED-Man has that Friday feeling and is going to set you up for the weekend with his latest edition of Big Questions.   Q: If I change an apartment that has MR11 halogens with new gu10 fittings and LED bulbs and new Dimmers do I need transformers? A: No. The GU10 is a mains voltage bulb so doesn't require a transfor...

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7 things LEDs are rubbish at…

Insider Tips, LEDHut News

September 2, 2015

LEDs can save you up to 90% on your energy bills, give you a great quality of light and will last over 15 years, but LEDs are rubbish at…..   ....teach you to dance   ....give you the strength to fight ...

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LED-Man’s Big Questions 20/08/15

Insider Tips

September 1, 2015

LED-Man has flown in again to answer all your LED related questions. Let's see what he has in store this week...   Q: My spotlights are low voltage and measure 35mm diameter. What are they? A: MR11 is the low voltage spot with 35mm diameter, like these: Read article