November, 2015


Slimmer, more powerful and longer lasting: the new LUMiLife flood range is here

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November 10, 2015

Homes and businesses alike will benefit from our latest extra-powerful slimline new LED floodlight range. Our new launch features 10W, 30W, 50W, 80W, 100W, 120W, 150W and 200W models, to give our customers plenty of choice, whether you’re lighting up the back garden or an entire car park. [su_table] Read article


LED Hut Light Up Salford City FC

LEDHut News

November 20, 2015

When we decided to sponsor Salford City FC we saw it as a partnership and wanted to be part of their rise and help them evolve in to the football powerhouse that the Class Of 92 dream of. The obvious start was to help them upgrade their lighting. Salford didn’t have any LED lighting which meant they were using inadequate and inefficient light...

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The Nation’s opinions about Christmas decorations

Insider Tips, Inspiration

November 12, 2015

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that sentiment is never truer then when talking about Christmas lights and decorations. After all, one man's tinsel heaven is another man's...

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LED Lights Take California By Storm

LEDHut News, News

November 20, 2015

LEDs were recently placed at the heart of one of California's hottest spots for creative exuberance.

Venice, California, used to be a hub of hippy activity in the '60s and continues to be reknowned for a unique and vibrant scene that's home to hundreds of artists, performers and muscians. So what have LEDs go...

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