January, 2017


How to fit plug and play LED strip lighting kits

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January 23, 2017

Everyone has seen and loves the effects achieved from LED strip lighting, but attaining these results isn't as easy as changing a light bulb. Full strip installations do take some technical know-how, but LED strip kits can make implementing far easier. So, How to fit plug and play LED strip kits is being answered here today. Normal s...

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Battery Powered Flood Lights


Ten Uses Of Battery Powered Floodlights

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January 11, 2017

Floodlights have been around for many years, but as useful as they are they can be limited, as they usually need mains power and fitting to a wall. Battery powered floodlights are far more versatile as they aren’t restricted by mains wiring to power them. Today we’ll look at how adaptable these lights are by showing you our top ten examples.....

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