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5 tips for creating the perfect night in on Valentine’s Day

Thinking of spending Valentine’s Day at home, but a bit a short on ideas? Well, have a quick flick-through our handy guide that’ll help you throw a night to remember including LED valentines lighting.

Tip 1: Surprise them

The element of surprise is always a winner. Depending on how far you want to push it, you could keep your special Valentine’s night in a complete secret from your loved one by feigning ignorance through the week. You may have to make some excuses and brush-off your acting skills, but it’ll be worth it (as long as they still turn up…).

Alternatively – for the less risqué out there – you could simply surprise them with a special gift, memento or something home-made that’s personal to them.

Tip 2: Pass over the controller

Let’s face it, couples rarely agree on what to watch. One might fancy a double dose of the Kardashian’s, while the other is in desperate need to watch that wildlife documentary on rural barn owls…

How about, for one night only, you agree to watch your partner’s favourite film (the one you’ve spent a decade avoiding) and save any negative reviews for the next day. This will show them that you care about their interests – however much you’ll have to grin and bear it.


Tip 3: Create the perfect ambience

Setting the perfect mood is actually a lot easier than it sounds – just avoid gaudy and be subtle. Opt for real roses, colourful fruit, luxury chocolates and champagne flutes.

To create an elegant and intimate ambience, go for candles too. You can avoid the potential disaster of naked flames and dripping wax by choosing LED real-wax candles, which also feature a number of effects – such as ‘blow out’ features – for complete authenticity.

Add a bit of spark to the occasion by draping some fairy lights around the table, on the fireplace or up the staircase. Whether you go for vibrant and colourful, or autumnal and cosy, there are plenty of options.


Tip 4: Dress to impress

It might be a cosy night-in, but joggers and football shirts won’t cut it. Dress to impress and make an effort to show your partner that you can still turn on the style.

Tip 5: Become a MasterChef

Do you live by the ‘can’t cook, won’t cook’ mantra? If so, put this life philosophy aside for one evening and it’ll really impress your other half (or your new date).

If you’re not sure about how to cook your chosen dish, go through a practice run a week before and trial it on friends. Go for something impressive, but simple, like Thai Red Curry, Pork Loin or Spiced Sirloin, which you can’t go too far wrong with.

If worst comes to worst, you can always order in, serve it up and take the credit anyway…;-)


Whether it’s for your partner of 10 years, or a first date, these tips will set you up for the perfect romantic night in – you really can’t go wrong. If you’re already a fully pledged member of Cupid’s troupe, then you might want to send your ‘better’ half this way for a little subtle….guidance.

Have a few ideas of your own? Then give your fellow romantic a helping hand and leave a suggestion in the comment section. Or you can check out our Valentine’s Day Range that’s packed with dazzling lights, quirky gifts and real-wax LED candles.


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