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Case Study – Hintlesham Hall

This listed Elizabethan hotel set in Suffolk installed Lumilife bulbs from LED Hut and is reaping the benefits. They have cut their energy bill by a third!

The 16th century manor house situated in 175 acres of Ipswich countryside, upgraded more than 600 Lumilife LED bulbs between August 2013 & April 2014 in a bid to extensively cut electricity consumption and consequently costs. The building consists of including 32 guest rooms, communal areas, corridors, conference facilities and dining rooms so this was no simple task. Even though the brief was to reduce energy usage, they still required to uphold the quality and performance they and their guests were accustom to. This is where Lumilife and LED Hut came in. Our extensive range delivered an innovative, energy efficient lighting solution with choice of fittings, shape and colour variants. This allowed Hintlesham Hall to conserve their coveted look and feel through the whole hotel.

Hintlesham Hall Hotel interior (1)

Here’s why Ray Payne Director at Hintelesham Hall decided to make the switch to LEDs: “When it came to updating the lighting at Hintlesham Hall, we knew we wanted to move over to cost- and energy-saving LEDs – but our main challenge was finding a supplier that could provide all the different types of lamps we needed. We opted for Lumilife because of its vast product range – from dimmable spotlights for the bedrooms to candle-shaped lamps for the chandeliers in the dining rooms.

“Replacing every lamp in the building was a smart, long-term investment, which more than justified the initial outlay. We completed the project in April after choosing to spread the cost over several months – starting with the public areas, which have the highest lighting demands, and finishing with the bedrooms. Calculations show that our investment will pay for itself in just one year, with continued savings for many more to come.”

Hintlesham Hall previously used an assortment of halogen and incandescent bulbs and effortlessly substituted these for LED equivalents. The Hall uses an assortment of GU10, B22, E27, E14, and G9 which have now all been replaced. Their previous consumption was 53,753W which in under a year after making the switch is now down 32% to 40,722W.


The LED Hut Trade Marketing Manager Laura Dugdale commented: “As lighting experts and trade specialists, offering bespoke customer service is very important to us, and we are always happy to advise on the best products to meet customers’ needs. Hintlesham Hall, with its varied lighting requirements, was no exception. As well as helping choose between warm white and cool white light (depending on the desired ambience in each space), we also provided several sample lamps for trial – making the whole selection process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

“The Hintlesham Hall retrofit is a prime example of how easy it is, even for a period property, to reap the money- and energy-saving benefits of 21st century lighting and still protect its traditional aesthetic. Thanks to the breadth of fittings, shapes and colours the Lumilife range offers, Hintlesham Hall now has a modern and stylish LED lighting scheme that blends seamlessly with the building’s historical roots.


“Not only are LEDs a high-performance, super-efficient and economical lighting choice, but they are also far more durable than other lamp types – virtually eliminating the cost and labour associated with regular lamp-changing and replacement. This means they make real financial and logistical sense for hotels like Hintlesham Hall, as well as other commercial buildings with significant lighting needs. At LED Hut Trade, we pride ourselves on the breadth and quality of our Lumilife range – so we’re delighted that we were able to rise to the challenge and meet the hotel’s varied lighting requirements.”

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