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Case study: Pheasant Pub Worcester moves to LED

Making the savvy switch drastically benefits many businesses, today we look at Pub LED Lighting.

The Pheasant Pub in Worcester, like so many in the UK, faces a constant battle to keep punters coming through the doors, day after day. It does this successfully through offering locally sourced gourmet food, real ales and an authentic atmosphere appreciated by locals and visitor alike.

But as with most pubs today, the pressure of ever-changing social conventions, rising costs and challenges from supermarkets, the need to cut back when possible is becoming as imperative to the pub business as changing the barrell.


David Ranford, tenant of the Pheasant Pub, was facing energy costs of £450 a month, and this is despite negotiating favourable rates. So he decided to make the savvy switch to LED instead.

He started by replacing his 50 Watt GU10 halogens with 4 Watt GU10 LEDs, before switching all Bayonet and Edison bulbs throughout the pub.

Then he replaced eight 60 Watt E27 bulbs with 3 Watt E27 LEDs and switched to a Trailing Edge dimmer to accommodate the new lamps.

Getting the lighting around the pool table perfect is imperative to the success of any pub pool team, so David swapped out his bright 100 Watt halogens for 7 Watt LEDs, without compromising on the brightness.

GU10-standing New-GU10-side

Another, unsuspected, benefit of the newly installed LED lighting was the temperature of the lamps. LEDs are far cooler than halogen and incandescent bulbs, which maintains the temperature of the surrounding area and the drink bottles. After all, who wants a warm pint?

David calculated that, on the basis of the lights being on 13 hours a day, swapping over all 61 lights to LED would lead to savings over £1,000 a year. And this doesn’t include money saved in replacements as LEDs last 20-times longer than older lighting sources.

So if you’re like David and keen on joining the LED evolution and switching to super-efficient lighting, give our trade team a call on 0161 655 0660, or visit our trade site at

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