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Case Study – The G9 Switch

At LEDHut, we value what our customers think of our products. That’s why we asked one of our new customers, James Marshall, about his experience when he switched over to LED G9s in his home.

I decided to switch my lighting to LED in my kitchen and living room first, because this is where I use lighting the most. This was due to financial reasons and to test to see if LEDs were for me. The main lighting in these rooms was from G9 bulbs, of which I had halogen before.

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The elements in my halogen G9s were very thin and fragile, so they regularly failed, and having 12 across two rooms meant I was changing at least one a month. The hope was that once I got the LED versions, I wouldn’t need to replace any for months, if not years.


In both rooms I chose warm white mainly as my kitchen isn’t ultra-modern, so I wanted a comfy feel rather than sharp crisp light. This was the same for the living room.


When it came to installation, I simply swapped my old bulbs with the new LEDs. They do look a little different, but the fittings are exactly the same so couldn’t be easier on that front. The quality of light is very similar to the halogens if not better due to them being a bit warmer and welcoming. Now I’m just waiting for my lighting bills to go down. I’m aware that 12 bulbs won’t make a massive difference straight away, but I plan to switch the rest of the bulbs in my house.

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