LED christmas lights


The definitive guide to LED Christmas lights (there may be more possibilities than you think!)

Help Hub, Insider Tips, Inspiration

November 30, 2017

There's much to love about the festive period: mulled wine, presents, feasting until you pop. It's also a great excuse to light-up your entire home with an eclectic mix of dazzling colours in the form of Christmas lights and decorations. Christmas lights aren't just for the tree either. There are lots of different types and styles that giv...

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Sustainable Food


Four eco-friendly everyday product swaps for a more sustainable home


September 7, 2018

Sustainability is a buzzword these days, and with good reason, as the Earth becomes increasingly stricken by the effects of climate change. Opting for products with less of an environmental impact is something everyone can do to reduce the harm caused to our planet, and in some cases, reduce the strain on our wallets. In today’s post, the org...

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LED Garden Lighting Guide


The definitive guide to LED garden lighting

Garden Lighting, Inspiration

January 19, 2018

Whether you want to install functional lighting for a garden path, or illuminate a water feature for purely aesthetic reasons, LED garden lighting can be a wonderful enhancement for your home. In this article we will provide all of the information you need to plan and install the ideal garden lighting solution for your unique needs. We’ll cov...

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Style Statement Living Room


Four top tips to create a style statement in your home


September 20, 2018

Owning your own home offers a great opportunity to stamp an individual sense of style to its interior. Whether you’re a sucker for slick modernism or retro and vintage themes are more to your taste, today we break down how to create a unique style statement through interior design that will make your home stand out from the rest.

1. Pick a ...

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smart home control


Smart Security: Smart Home technology that will make your home instantly more secure

Help Hub, Inspiration, Smart Homes

June 26, 2018

A lot has been said about smart home devices in terms of making life easier and more enjoyable, but today we will be looking at how smart home technology can be used to make your home more secure. When it comes to our homes, security is often our greatest concern. Nobody wants their home to be violated in any way, and for victims of burglary,...

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Spanish Style


Viva España: Five Ways to Bring Spanish Style and Charm Direct to Your Door

Insider Tips, Inspiration, Style Hacks

June 25, 2018

As summer fully kicks in, now’s the time to evoke a sense of holiday calm in your home, whether you’re counting down the days to a hot weather getaway or simply ‘staycationing’ for the duration of the season. Spanish home style can help you easily achieve this, and the Lanzarote specialists from Read article


Summer Fun: Four ways to make impactful home updates in time for summer

Garden Lighting, Insider Tips, Inspiration, Style Hacks

June 21, 2018

The early summer weather has been quite disarmingly decent so far, serving up plenty of beer garden afternoons and warm evenings over the last few weeks. While long days out are a staple of stunning summer weather, often, all you want to do is relax at home. In this post, courtesy of the summer home experts at Read article

Bathroom Featured


How to master the minimalist luxury look in your bathroom

Insider Tips, Inspiration

June 18, 2018

Having a bathroom that epitomises a sought-after aesthetic such as minimalist luxury can really revolutionise an entire home’s design. The bathroom is meant to be a space where you can unwind and luxuriate in the bath or during a long shower, and having a stripped-back, minimal style can add to this sense of escape massively. Our guide will h...

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valentine's day light image


Create the right mood this Valentine’s Day with LED mood lighting

Help Hub, Inspiration, Smart Homes

February 8, 2018

As our recent research discovered, most Brits will be staying-in this Valentine’s Day, so it’s important to know how you can create a romantic atmosphere in your home. When it comes to setting a romantic mood in a room, lighting has the bi...

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Statement lighting that will make you the envy of your family and friends


January 31, 2018

Statement lighting is a light fixture, fitting or accessory that is eye-catching, bold and unique. It stands out and can be the centrepiece of an entire room, creating an atmosphere that people want to spend time in. It makes a statement about who you are and what you like. Today we will look at various types of statement lighting fixtures be...

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small bathroom interior design


How to create the illusion of space in small bathrooms

Insider Tips, Inspiration

January 2, 2018

Small bathrooms are fairly standard in UK homes, but working with small dimensions doesn’t have to mean putting up with a cramped bathroom or compromising on style - it’s simply about making the right interior design choices to create the illusion of additional space. In today’s post, we’ll be sharing some tried and tested tricks to give you ...

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Hue can do… Part 1: How to sync Philips Hue to your favourite movies

Help Hub, Inspiration, Smart Homes

December 4, 2017

From heart-stopping horrors to magical musicals, we all love a movie that leaves a lasting impression long after the credits roll. And there's plenty of tech out there that'll enhance your viewing experience, such as rich and immersive surround sound speakers and vibrant and vivid 4K TVs that project sharp and crystal-clear pictures. You c...

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Music and Philips Hue


Hue can do… Part 2: How to sync Philips Hue to your favourite music

Help Hub, Inspiration, Smart Homes

December 6, 2017

It's official – people are going out less and less. And with more people opting to stay in, the battle for the best house party is getting hotter every year. And now you can truly turn your living room into a dance floor with Philips Hue – an innovat...

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smart home illustration


Hue can do… Part 3: How to make your home safer with Philips Hue

Help Hub, Inspiration, Smart Homes

December 13, 2017

Welcome to the third part of our Philips Hue series. In Part 1 we looked at how you can sync Philips Hue to the movie you're watching to create a truly immersive movie experience. For Part 2 we showed you how to turn your living ro...

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LED Bedroom Lighting


A quick guide to LED bedroom lighting

Help Hub, Insider Tips, Inspiration

November 27, 2017

Why is lighting important in the bedroom?

It's no secret – the link between quality sleep and improved physical and mental health is more well-known than ever. Creating the right ambience for accommodating a good night's sleep is incredibly important. And while some sleep-related issues may require medical attention, there are sever...

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LED Christmas Lights


Seven ways to reuse your Christmas lights

Help Hub, Inspiration

December 14, 2017

That final ceremony of taking down your Christmas decorations can be a bit of a drab affair come January. Festive cards dumped into a drawer, the baubles and tinsel shoved into a box, the novelty tie pushed to the back of the wardrobe – never to be seen again... However, your Christmas lights need not just be for the festive season. In fact, ...

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LED Christmas Lights


Six reasons to choose LED Christmas lights this year

Help Hub, Insider Tips, Inspiration

December 1, 2017

LED Christmas lights are a little bit more expensive than traditional Christmas lights, but there are many good reasons for this. Here are six reasons why you should make the savvy switch to LED this Christmas:

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LED Living Room Lighting


A quick guide to LED living room lighting

Insider Tips, Inspiration

November 9, 2017

The living room is the heart and soul of every family home. It's where you go to relax, entertain guests, play video games, watch a movie, read a book and listen to music. With so much happening, it's important to get your living room lighting spot-on. First and foremost, it needs to be versatile, allowing you to create the perfect atmosph...

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LED Bathroom Lighting


A quick guide to beautiful LED bathroom lighting

Insider Tips, Inspiration

November 2, 2017

The family bathroom: often a scene of havoc and consternation in the morning as everyone jostles for space and time to brush teeth, fix make-up, shower and ... other things. It's also a place that has to be multi-functional and versatile for handling different demands. That's why the bathroom lighting you choose is so important: so that it...

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LED Spotlights in a kitchen


A quick guide to stunning LED kitchen lighting

Insider Tips, Inspiration

October 27, 2017

Whether you're a budding Bake Off wannabe, or a Gordon Ramsay supremo, your kitchen lighting setup is very important. The kitchen is the heart of your home, where heavenly dishes (or hellish disasters) are whipped-up, and the family meet to catch-up and d...

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Philips Hue Starter Kit


LED Hut customer shows how easy it is to set up Philips Hue

Case Studies, Home, Insider Tips, Inspiration

October 20, 2017

Below is a reaction and some tips from a happy customer who bought a Philips Hue starter kit. Helena bought a Philips Hue 9w E27 Wireless Starter Pack and Read article

Home Automation


What is a “Smart Home” and why should you want one?

Help Hub, Insider Tips, Inspiration, Smart Homes

October 20, 2017

As the modern world gets more busy and frantic, time gets more precious – we're working longer hours and have to decide carefully how to spend what free time we have. So it's little surprise that more and more new technologies are focused on convenience and automation - taking the more tedious and clunky day-to-day activities out of our lives...

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Industrial style LED filament bulbs


Why LED filament bulbs are becoming every interior designer’s trendiest accessory this year

Bulbs, Choosing The Right Bulb, Help Hub, Insider Tips, Inspiration

September 11, 2017

The LED filament bulb: trend setter or modern relic?

The humble light bulb: Sitting there picking up dust as he hides behind your far trendier lampshade. The only time he's forced out of this solitary existence is when he fades out and you unceremoniously disregard him for a younger, brighter model. Well, that's a thing of the past ...

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LED Filament Bulbs


Bulb shapes explained: How the right shaped bulb can transform any room

Choosing The Right Bulb, Insider Tips, Inspiration

September 6, 2017

Looking for the right bulb shape? It's all in the detail

OK, so you've got your freshly renovated room almost where you want it: from the newly-installed timber beams to the exposed brick walling and upholstered vintage chairs. But you could be missing one little detail to finish the look your desire – the shape of your bulbs. Bu...

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LED Filament Bulbs


Seven stunning looks created with Edison style LED filament bulbs

Insider Tips, Inspiration

August 2, 2017

Lighting isn’t just a background necessity in a room, it can be part of and enhance a particular look and design you wish to create. Edison style LED filament bulbs are very popular due to their aesthetics and versatility to help compliment several inte...

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LED strip lighting


LED strip light kits used to great effect in a mobile bar


August 8, 2017

Strip lighting can be used to create impressive effects in countless scenarios. Its versatility and ability to control colour, tones and sequences allow you to produce a lighting scene to suit your individual style and function. Today we’re showing how Read article

philips hue android apps


Six Philips Hue apps for Android that you just have to try!

Inspiration, News

June 19, 2017

While the native Philips Hue app offers great functionality, a host of third party developers have been throwing their hats into the ring, releasing their own apps for controlling the Hue smart lighting system. So whether you’re looking for pract...

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Vintage light bulbs: The reaction on social media


May 15, 2017

The vintage industrial look has been used to great effect in bars, restaurants and now homes for a number of years. Bare walls, utilitarian objects, wood and metal have made the warehouse look fashionable. To make a décor complete every aspect has to conform to the look, including lighting. To create the industrial feel, Read article

bbq image


10 awesome BBQ recipes: Enjoy National BBQ Week with these fantastic BBQ recipes


May 25, 2017

This Bank Holiday weekend coincides with the start of National BBQ Week on 29 May. In light of that, and the forecasted heatwave, we thought we’d put together some of our favourite BBQ recipes from around the web to inspire you to get involved.

Black & blushing Worcestershire fillet

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garden lights


How to install all your garden lights in under one hour!

Insider Tips, Inspiration

June 7, 2017

If you are new to outdoor lighting, the prospect of installing garden lights might be quite daunting. What type of lights should you buy? Are solar any good? Will I need an electrician? What IP rating do I need? These are all good questions, and you can find detailed answers to them Read article