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The Brighter Britain Report – How lighting impacts our lives

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October 29, 2018

The humble light bulb has been a driving force behind technological innovation throughout modern history. Despite this, its role in our day-to-day lives - particularly in our homes - is often taken for granted. In Read article

EU Halogen Ban


EU Halogen Ban: Everything you need to know about the ban on halogen bulbs

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August 15, 2018

From the end of this month, halogen light bulbs will be banned in the UK as a result of EU legislation coming into effect on 1 September. The legislation is designed to push consumers and businesses into switching to energy efficient LED lighting, reducing Europe's carbon footprint and saving people money in the process. Here's everything you...

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Summer Garden


The British Summer Garden Refresh

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July 26, 2018

  • Brits spend an average of £389 refreshing their garden for summer
  • Garden furniture tops the garden shopping list for 63%
  • Nottingham homeowners revealed as the biggest garden spenders
BRITISH homeowners are investing in their gardens and outdoor spaces as the heatwave continues, recent research rev...

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The World Cup in Motion: Which Nation Really Lights Up The Tournament?

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June 7, 2018

“The atmosphere is simply electric,” Clive Tyldesley will belt out in a week’s time as Russia 2018 kicks off with a game between the hosts and the almighty Saudi Arabia. The energy will be palpable with the sparks flying as the Russians begin their quest to conquer football’s most prestigious trophy. Or at that’s least how the commentary team...

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LED Street Lights


Switched On: An in-depth look at street lights within communities

Industry News, Trade

April 13, 2018

Street lights have been paving the way for pedestrians in some form since the fourth century. They’ve changed drastically over the years, as you’d expect, today switching to highly efficient LED street lights that are set to sav...

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LED Hut Valentine's Day featured image


Netflix & Chill … for Valentine’s Day?

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February 8, 2018

BRITISH LOVEBIRDS will be nesting at home for Valentine’s Day this year, according to new research. A survey of 1,012 UK adults carried out by lighting store, LED Hut, found that 52% are planning on staying at home for their date this Valentine’s Day. Cooking and enjoying a meal (45%) topped the list as the number one thing to do at home f...

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New LED Downlights


Discover our NEW range of multicolour LED downlights

Industry News, LEDHut News

October 25, 2017

Warm white, cool white or daylight LED downlights? Now you don't have to decide

The new LUMiLife range of LED downlights are colour changing, so you can switch between warm white, cool white ...

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New LED Floodlight


Brighter, slimmer, stronger – our NEW range of LED floodlights

Industry News, LEDHut News

October 16, 2017

Introducing our NEW LED slimline floodlight range

Our LED floodlights have evolved – now you can expect more brightness for your buck, as well as a host of other exciting features. The new slimline LED floodligh...

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ISO 9001 Accreditation Logo


LED Hut achieves ISO 9001 Accreditation

Industry News, LEDHut News

August 7, 2017

At LED Hut we always aspire to be better. Consistency and continuity in our methods, systems and decision making is the foundation for ensuring we give our customers the best experience possible. To improve this we applied for ISO 9001, an internationally recognised business system. It is designed to establish a more efficient working environ...

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very warm white led bulbs


LED Hut introduces Very Warm White LED bulbs

Industry News, LEDHut News

August 10, 2017

Until now you’ve had the great choice of three colour options in LED bulbs allowing you to match the mood and use of a room. We’ve decided to increase this choice with the addition of very warm white bulbs. Warm white is mainly used in living spaces to give a warm and comfy feeling, very warm white is an extension to this. People who want a w...

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philips hue android apps


Six Philips Hue apps for Android that you just have to try!

Industry News, Inspiration

June 19, 2017

While the native Philips Hue app offers great functionality, a host of third party developers have been throwing their hats into the ring, releasing their own apps for controlling the Hue smart lighting system. So whether you’re looking for pract...

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Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Gathers Pace

Industry News

February 19, 2016

There have been fresh developments in the EU Commission's plan to completely phase out inefficient lighting in the Incandescent Bulb Ban. The ban of 100W, 60W and 40W incandescent bulbs took place between 2009 and 2012, however a loophole in the regulations meant that manufacturers could still develop and sell incandescent bulbs listed as 'ro...

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Salford City Class of 92


Class of 92 documentary returns for second series

Industry News, LEDHut News

August 24, 2016

After last season’s memorable FA Cup run and stunning promotion via the play-offs, few thought it could get better for Conference North side Salford FC.

However, the Ammies are set to return to TVs nationwide on Thursday night with the second series of hit BBC documentary ...

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Can LED Bulbs Cure Winter Depression?

Industry News, Insider Tips, LEDHut News

January 20, 2016

We’ve all heard of the winter blues, but what you might not know is that it can be an actual medical condition. The official name for it is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and it effects thousands of people every year. This condition starts to set in as the days get shorter and darker. Today we’re looking at can  Read article


LED Lights Take California By Storm

Industry News, LEDHut News

November 20, 2015

LEDs were recently placed at the heart of one of California's hottest spots for creative exuberance.

Venice, California, used to be a hub of hippy activity in the '60s and continues to be reknowned for a unique and vibrant scene that's home to hundreds of artists, performers and muscians. So what have LEDs go...

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Glasgow LEDing the way in energy efficient lighting

Industry News, LEDHut News, Trade

September 30, 2015

The Climate Group, who have launched a campaign urging cities to switch to LED lighting to reduce carbon emissions, have cited Glasgow as a leading example for other cities to follow. Glasgow began their switch to LED in March this year by replacing 10,000 streetlights as...

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St Helens Council to invest £3m in LED lighting

Industry News

September 21, 2015

St Helens Council has answered public calls to replace 10,000 obsolete lighting lanterns with a pledge to invest almost £3m in LED lighting replacements. The move is predicted to lead to savings of almost £422,101 per-year for the council, meaning it’ll take just over 3 years for the...

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Want lower energy bills? Here’s how… and it’s not what you think.

Industry News, Insider Tips, LEDHut News

July 21, 2015

It’s now official: “Millions of Britons are over overpaying for their energy”. And the most damning thing about this statement is how little it shocks. In response, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have recommended a price-ca...

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LEDs from around the world: Eiffel Tower

Industry News

July 15, 2015

Synonymous with romance, art and fashion, Paris has long been arguably regarded as the capital of European culture. From the grande Louvre art museum, to the Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, the city is steeped in a history that’s also been host to many-a bloody episode too, such as the French Revolution which precipitated irrevocable change in s...

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Celebrity Special: Megaboard Vs SmartGlider

Industry News, Insider Tips

July 29, 2015

There's a new toy in town and celebrities have not been shy in showing off their skills on the latest gadget craze: the self-balancing board. There are a few different makes out there, and a recent article in Heat Magazine shows Rita Ora on a MegaBoard, while other celebs have been seen having a go on our very own Read article


You’ll love having a go on one of these

Industry News, LEDHut News

July 13, 2015

Innovators are always looking for cool ways to make travel interesting because, let's face it, we humans got bored of walking from A to B a long time ago. Already we have those motorised skateboards. But balancing on them is a nightmare. There are also segways, of course. But they’re big, cumbersome and you’re likely to knock people flying...

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Salford FC And Manchester United In Monday Night Thriller

Industry News, Trade

July 14, 2015

Monday night saw Salford City step out in their new kit (sponsored by LED Hut) for the first time as they faced Manchester United Under-21s for their opening fixture of pre-season. There was more than local pride at stake in this fixture as both sides featured formers players who had appeared for their r...

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The World’s First Home Security Robot

Industry News, LEDHut News

July 7, 2015

The latest addition to our product listing is a little left-field this time, but we’re unashamedly excited about it here at LEDHut. It's not quite human, but more-so than a PC. It can see and move, just not like you and me... But enough of the riddles, it's time to meet Appbot: the world's first home security robot. Read article


LED Hut Sponsors Of Salford City FC

Industry News, Trade

July 2, 2015

We are proud to announce that LED Hut are now the official Sponsors Of Salford City FC. The two year partnership sees the Greater Manchester-based organisations join forces to help spread the word of energy-saving LED lighting. The deal involves sponsorship of Salford City shirts and advertising hoardings across Moor Lane, with future communi...

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LEDs From Around The World: The Empire State Building

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June 17, 2015

The Empire State Building stands pervasively in the heart of midtown Manhattan and measures a staggering 1,454 ft high. It’s the 2nd largest building in New York City, the 25th largest in the world and offers a focal point for tourists eager to get a view of the sprawling city skyline. [caption id="attachment_1205" align="aligncenter" width="...

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Is this the world’s longest lasting lamp?

Industry News

June 12, 2015

Jake Dyson, son of Sir James, has developed a ground-breaking LED desk lamp that’s been designed to last 37 years based on average use. Part of Jake Dyson’s CSYS range, the lamp - which is priced at £399 - comes with an incredible 160,000 hour life span. It works by using heat pipe technology that draws heat from the LEDs, and is then disp...

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How LED Lights Could Help Fight Malaria

Industry News

April 27, 2015

A recent study by The Royal Society has found that LED lighting could help with the fight against malaria, a disease reputed to have killed over 500,000 people in 2013 alone. Female mosquitoes that transmit the disease are w...

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New in: Solar Underground Light

Industry News, Insider Tips

April 29, 2015

Introducing the latest product to LEDHut's expansive garden range: the Solar Underground Light. Crafted from stainless steel with a robust tempered glass fascia, you can use this light anywhere. B...

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The EU Delay Proposed Ban On Halogens

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April 21, 2015

The European Commission have controversially buckled under pressure to put the ban on halogen bulbs back to 2018. This is a first for the EU as they have never before postponed a product efficiency measure. The consequence is that for a further two years millions of people could be using inefficient lighting, thus spending millions extra on e...

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Introducing our new Smart LED Bulbs

Industry News, Insider Tips

April 16, 2015

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of two new exciting products at LEDHut. The WIFI Smart Bulb and Read article