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The Apocalypse Survival Pack You Definitely Need

Winter is starting to bite and the nights are drawing in as summer becomes a distant memory. But it’s not the end of the world, even though when the first flake of snow hits the ground, traffic and public services everywhere might act like it is. If there was an apocalypse though, we have a host of handy products that would get you out of a mess or two. You never know, it could happen and could LEDs save you…

Energy will be scarce and preserving electricity will be vital. Our LEDs use 90% less than halogens, so you’ll have power far longer than the rest of the planet. It’s dog eat dog out there, remember.



When the apocalypse comes anarchy rises, so protecting your home becomes even more important. Our home security range will aid you with this. The appbot can patrol your house whilst you look for supplies. See Home Security here >



It’s imperative to make use of natural resources when you’re stranded in barren, apocalyptic wastelands. Our solar garden lights will soak up what the sun has to offer to preserve precious energy. See our solar garden lights here >



When the end is nigh and supplies run low, you’ll be lucky to get a spare set of bulbs for your home in the ensuing panic. Fortunately, LED bulbs last for over 15 years, so while other people’s halogen bulbs quickly blow, you’ll have light for years to come.  See LED bulbs here >



According to the wit and wisdom of Mad Max, power and fuel become currency in these times. Stock up on our batteries and portable chargers for when the ‘leccy grid fails and they become invaluable bargaining chips for other items. See our Battery & Chargers here >



The last apocalypse of sorts saw the dinosaurs wiped out. This happened when a humongous asteroid hit the earth and the subsequent mass of ash that got thrown up blocked out the sun.

Our multifunctional lantern will give you light wherever you are and whatever the conditions. Power it from the mains, batteries, manually and solar (granted, this last method will be pretty useless if the sun’s covered by a cloud of ash…).

See our Solar & Wind Up Lantern here >



Food will be in low supply, so living off the land will be vital. Our Christmas net lights would be perfect for fishing. Give a man a fish he’ll feed himself for a day, with our net lights you’ll have the means to feed yourself for a lifetime.

See our Christmas Lights here >



Plus, if the apocalypse is abated and humans thrive once again, you’ll still  be able to benefit from the 5 year warranty you get on your bulbs if they let you down. Every cloud and all that….



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