The Premier League season is over. Whilst we already know Leicester City are the unlikely champions, here at LED Hut we’ve decided to shed light on where each team would rank if just league matches played under floodlights were accounted for.

To do this, we’ve studied the results of the 38 most recent league matches of all the current top flight clubs under floodlit conditions to represent a full season of matches.

Compiling all the results from fixtures with a kick off time of 5.30pm onwards during BST (August, September, October, April and May) and 4.00pm during GMT (November, December, January, February and March) we can now reveal that Manchester United are the table toppers of the LED Hut Footy Under Floodlights league with 21 wins from 38 games.

So forget Leicester City, when it comes to league matches played under floodlights, Manchester United are the champions with 71 points.

The full league table published by LED Hut revealing where all 20 Premier League clubs rank, based on their most recent 38 floodlit league fixtures, can be viewed below.



LED Hut’s Chris Evans comments on the findings: “Salford FC club owners Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes, Gary Neville and Phil Neville will be wishing all Manchester United league matches could be played after dark looking at how the Footy Under Floodlights league table has turned out.

“The Theatre of Dreams under floodlights is clearly an inspiring stadium for Manchester United’s players but they obviously revel playing night matches away from home too.

“In complete contrast, it’s been a miserable season all round for Newcastle United, with the Magpies relegation from the Premier League compounded by finishing bottom of the table when only floodlit league matches are accounted for too.

“For supporters and players alike, matches played under floodlights generate a very special atmosphere which has been heightened by the increasing prevalence of LED lighting at a growing number of Premier League stadiums.

“LED lighting also provides an enhanced experience for a worldwide TV audience who benefit from vertical illuminance on the players and excellent uniformity of light.

“What’s more, research suggests LED floodlighting lamps installed at a growing number of leading clubs, including Chelsea FC and Southampton, are expected to last in excess of 10 seasons. In contrast, traditional floodlighting lamps need to be replaced every three seasons to maintain the lighting levels required.

“These benefits of LED lighting at football grounds mirror the benefits of LED bulbs over traditional forms of halogen and incandescent lighting used at home; LED bulbs typically have an operational life-cycle of over 50,000 hours of continuous operation which means that they can cut lighting bills by up to 90%.”