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How to fit plug and play LED strip lighting kits

Everyone has seen and loves the effects achieved from LED strip lighting, but attaining these results isn’t as easy as changing a light bulb. Full strip installations do take some technical know-how, but LED strip kits can make implementing far easier. So, How to fit plug and play LED strip kits is being answered here today.

Normal strip light requires wiring meaning some electrical skill or an electrician is needed, obviously adding difficultly and cost. LED strip kits take these two barriers away. As the description states, you can simply plug in the strip kit and play. Everything needed to create stunning mood lighting is included in the kit.

Installing the LED strip lights

Installing LED Strip Kits only takes 5 minutes and has four simple steps;


The strips of LED lighting are made to be able to be cut to your desired length. Simply cut along the appropriate mark.


You fit the strips by using the attached sticky tape. Just peel it back and stick to the clean surface that you have chosen.


Transformers are needed to power strip lights, and when doing this yourself, it can be a minefield working out what wattage is needed for different lengths. With our LED strip kits, the correct transformer included, with easy plugs to set up.


Now that your strip is cut, installed and connected, all you need to do is effortlessly plug the kit in with the attached plug. You can now create ambient lighting across your home with no wiring skills or additional installation costs.

We have a large range of LED strip kits on offer to meet your requirements, including different lengths and colour options. You can view our full range of plug and play strip lighting kits here.



Hopefully we have answered the question of how to fit plug and play LED strip kits, but if you’d like any more details simply leave a comment below and we’ll endeavour to help.

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  1. Frederick Taylor says:

    I have wiring in place which is the led stripe to use