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LED Hut Introduces Very Warm White LED Bulbs

very warm white led bulbs

Until now you’ve had the great choice of three colour options in LED bulbs allowing you to match the mood and use of a room. We’ve decided to increase this choice with the addition of very warm white bulbs.

Warm white is mainly used in living spaces to give a warm and comfy feeling, very warm white is an extension to this. People who want a warmer cosier feel should go for very warm white. You will see a more yellow/orange glow from a very warm white bulb, perfect for relaxing.

very warm white led bulb

You may find these extra warm bulbs are best utilised in lamps and used as mood lighting, with warm white or daylight bulbs in your main fittings for practicality. For more help on the differences between warm white, daylight and cool white see our guide here.

led bulb colour temperatures

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