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LED-MAN’s Big Questions – 07/10/15

Q: What are those yellow spots on the GU10 4 watt?

A: Those are the LEDs, which are the light source. The yellow is not apparent when the light is on.


Q: I want to swap existing MR16 downlights for LED bulbs – can you recommend a transformer?

A: Just choose one large enough to deal with the total load, if you are using one transformer for all lamps. If this is not possible, you may want to consider changing over to GU10s instead by replacing a fly lead and bypassing your transformers.


Q: Can I use a dimmable lamp on a non-dimmer circuit?

A: Yes, but not the other way round. Also, make sure that the dimmer switch is trailing edge and LED compatible, like the Varilight V-Pro. We cannot guarantee compatibility with other dimmers.


Q: I am looking at combining some GU10’s with your brushed metal downlight fittings. Should I choose the metal finish bulbs or is the casing of the bulb not visible when fitted?

A: The casing of the lamp is not visible when in the downlight fittings.


Q: I am ordering some bathroom light fittings. if I place order today, when will it be delivered?

A: Orders placed before 4pm can be sent for next day delivery.


Q: Which is your brightest GU10?

A: We now have a new 7 watt lamp which would replace a 70 watt halogen:

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