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LEDs from around the world: Eiffel Tower

Synonymous with romance, art and fashion, Paris has long been arguably regarded as the capital of European culture.

From the grande Louvre art museum, to the Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, the city is steeped in a history that’s also been host to many-a bloody episode too, such as the French Revolution which precipitated irrevocable change in societies across the world.

Then, of course, there’s the Eiffel Tower: a guiding light to weekend romantics and tourists from across the world. More pertinently, it was recently central to Bastille Day celebrations that saw nationals gather to celebrate the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille – a turning point in the French Revolution.


It’s the tallest structure in Paris, standing 1,063ft high and was built in 1889. And although it was initially criticised for its design by sophisticates from the time, it’s become one of the most recognisable buildings in the world.

Its popularity hasn’t wavered either. Since its inception, 250 million people have flocked to the Tower, with 25,000 visiting daily. For one person their fondness for the tower was so strong they chose to express their unadulterated adoration by marrying it in 2007…

Pretenders from across the globe have adopted its look, with the tower lending its design to over 40 duplicates including, of course, the Blackpool Tower, which retains its own uniquely iconic status.


So what does the Eiffel Tower have to do with LEDs? Well, in 2009, LEDs were guest of honours at the tower’s 120-year anniversary. 400 RGB light changing bulbs were used as part of 2 month-long celebrations that featured dazzling lighting shows designed by Bernard Schmitt & Jacques Rouveyrollis.

LEDs are also integral to future plans to make the Tower eco-friendly. As well as the introduction of wind turbines, water collections systems and solar panels, the Tower will also become home to LEDs as the City Of Paris Climate Plan bids to reduce its environmental impact by 25%.



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