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How does the light quality of energy saving bulbs and LED bulbs compare?

Are you struggling to see the paper or the latest book you’ve been reading? Fed up of your new carpet and wallpaper looking dull and not the same colour as in the showroom? Tired of having to wait five minutes to be able to see your dinner on the table? This could be because you’re using CFLs, and today we’re looking at how energy-saving bulbs and LED bulbs compare in light quality.

LED light quality

LED lights bring back the colour in your living room, portraying a natural light! They brighten any room in your home in an instant and allow you to save the planet too by saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint. Most of the energy from an LED bulb goes into lighting up the room instead of being lost through heat, unlike the old incandescent bulbs, hence how efficient they are! Energy saving bulbs even use more power than LEDs.

Our LED bulbs can be used in any living, kitchen and dining room. The difference is rather impressive from looking at the before and after pictures shown here. No waiting around for the bulb to get bright, no struggling to see in dim light, no more wasting money on bulbs because the old ones (halogen) continually keep failing!

Our 6w B22 Dimmable, Standard Shape Led is the bulb used in all of the right hand pictures you can see. The difference between the two is evidently clear, the clearness of the light brings a natural look into the room and brightens it up massively. It’s clear to see how energy saving bulbs and LED bulbs compare in quality level and performance!


The problem with CFL energy-saving bulbs

The CLF energy saver is the bulb used in all the pictures on the left. It portrays an ugly, dull light and makes all the rooms look quite depressing. Our LED lights will make your feature wall stand out. If you love bright colours and want to highlight them at their best, they will compliment your colour scheme nicely. If you want to reap the benefits that LEDs can offer a house make the switch soon. You won’t regret it.

LEDs vs CFLs

We’ve also touched on how energy saving bulbs and LED bulbs compare from a energy efficiency point of view which effects the cost of running them and the environment. For more detail on this see our post were we pit CFLs v LEDs >>

Hopefully we’ve illustrated the advantages of LED bulbs over CFL energy saving bulbs and you’re ready to upgrade. Take a look at our selection of LED lights here>>

4 Responses to How does the light quality of energy saving bulbs and LED bulbs compare?

  1. Paul Furniss says:

    Do you have a “How to” on fitting these lights throughout a house or in my case a ground floor flat, I would like to know what I would need and how best to fit out my 2 bed property to be able to get an idea of cost?

    Many Thanks,


    • Jamie / LED Expert says:

      Hi Paul. Apologies for the late response.

      It’s simply a case of replacing your current light bulbs or spotlights with their LED equivalent, the exceptions being G4, MR16 and MR11 spotlights which require a driver due to the lower voltage.

      Hope that helps but if you have any other questions please call us on 0333 77 22 111 and we’ll be happy to advise you further.

      Thank you.

  2. Baz Phillips says:

    I have 1200mm fluorescent tubes is there a LED equivalent and if so what’s to compare with a 36w energy tube