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Statement Lighting That Will Make You the Envy of Your Family and Friends

Statement lighting is a light fixture, fitting or accessory that is eye-catching, bold and unique. It stands out and can be the centrepiece of an entire room, creating an atmosphere that people want to spend time in. It makes a statement about who you are and what you like.

Today we will look at various types of statement lighting fixtures before discussing where in the home they could have the most impact.

Statement lighting fixtures

We can categorise statement lighting under the following:

1. Ceiling lights
2. Wall lights
3. Light bulbs
4. Lampshades

Statement ceiling lights

Ceiling lights can be fixed close to the ceiling or suspended on a wire, cord or chain. Chandeliers also fall under this category of lighting.

They will generally be found in the centre of a room, or over a dining area in a dining kitchen, and catch the eye as soon as you walk in.

Nordlus Chino Light Fitting

Wooden Light Fitting by Nordlux

Chandelier Statement Light

Chandelier Statement Light

Steampunk Pendant

Maria Steampunk Pendant at

Statement pendant lights

[IMAGE] Pendant lights are a single light fitting suspended from the ceiling. Bright colours, modern materials and interesting or unusual shapes are some of the characteristics that can turn a pendant light into a statement light.

Statement chandelier lighting

Chandeliers are decadent and stylish, with the light being reflected by crystals hanging from the fitting.

statement strap wall light

Nordlux Strap Wall Light

Statement wall lights

Wall lights can be used to help illuminate a room; or they can be directed to illuminate a feature, such as a painting or alcove.

You can also get bold and unusual wall lights for external walls, continuing your style from inside to out.

LED light bulbs that make a statement

Advancements in LED lighting technology have created more choice than ever when it comes to light bulbs.

Designer LED bulbs are increasing in popularity, and LED filament bulbs have been a feature in trendy bars and restaurants for some time now.

Globe LED Filament Bulb

LED Filament Bulb

Single Red Cord Suspended Ceiling Light

Suspended Ceiling Light With Red Cord

Designer Black and Silver LED Bulb

Designer Black & Silver LED Bulb

Using lampshades to create statement lighting

You don’t need to replace an entire light fitting, or even a bulb, to create statement lighting. Simply purchase a unique lampshade, fit it, and you’re done!

quirk lampshade

Quirk Pom Pom Lampshade at

Where to use statement lighting in your home

Now that we’ve got some ideas about what’s available, we can now look at specific areas that statement lighting can be used to have the most impact.

First impressions count: Make a statement with your hallway lighting

You can make an immediate impact with statement lighting in your hallway. Choose a fitting or chandelier that stands out while complementing the rest of your décor; or if your hallway is wide enough, utilise wall lights.

A party to remember! Statement kitchen lights

statement kitchen lighting

It’s the most popular room at the party, so enhance the atmosphere and get people talking with your lighting. A large light fitting that dominates the ceiling can work well, as can stylish pendants.

You could also opt for a trendy industrial look with a simple light fitting with exposed filament or designer bulb.

Relax in style: Statement lighting for living rooms

It’s the space you want to relax and unwind in after a long day at work. Chandeliers are popular in living rooms, as are ceiling fittings with a Scandinavian look.

More important though is the colour of the light. Go for softer warm whites and make them dimmable, or take complete control with a smart lighting setup.

statement living room lighting

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