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The World’s First Home Security Robot

The latest addition to our product listing is a little left-field this time, but we’re unashamedly excited about it here at LEDHut.

It’s not quite human, but more-so than a PC. It can see and move, just not like you and me…

But enough of the riddles, it’s time to meet Appbot: the world’s first home security robot.

Appbot lifestyle

It can see, hear, sense and even track moving objects. It’ll be your very own home CCTV system, mobile pet monitor and camera all in one.

It can take photos and videos, and you can control it all from your Smart device anywhere in the world as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Check out some of the best functions below:

Wi-Fi controlled

It’s Wi-Fi controlled, so you can send commands to it via the Android/iPhone app whether you’re in your office, outside or even in another country.

appbot-10 appbot-5

Mobile CCTV system

The motion detection device built into Appbot is perfect for when you’re away from home.

Should it detect movement, it’ll light up, take a snapshot of the intruder and send you a notification within seconds – the perfect deterrent.


Video and audio communication

You can see, hear and speak through Appbot. It comes with a full HD 1080p camera and 720p video system to give you a clear view of what’s happening in your home.

Appbot can also turn its head a full 360°, move it up and down 120° and you can talk through it audibly via your smart device.

Remote charging

At the press of the button on your smart device, you can send Appbot straight to its charging booth.


18 functions

The Android/iPhone app comes with 18 functions that let you use Appbot for a host of different purposes, including; face recognition, video and camera functions, joystick control, remote charging and motion detection.


Get your Appbot here.

Appbot-1 Appbot-2



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