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This Week’s Big LED Questions – 01/06/15

Welcome to this weeks edition of the most asked questions by our customers. Hopefully this will help you with queries you may have.

 Q: Is it usual for LED downlights to have wide beam 120 degrees. We have used LED GU10’s in spot light fittings but they had narrower beam than this.

A: Due to their SMD (Surface Moment Diode) construction, some LED lamps have multiple light sources, so have a wider beam. We have a range to suit your requirements, from 38 to 120 degrees.


Q: What is the lumen output of the 4 watt GU10?

A: There are different outputs dependent on the colour you choose; 300 for warm white, 320 in cool white & Day light. The lumen figure for all of our lamps can be found in the product description under ‘see technical information’

For more info see our article on lumens here


Q:If I want a blue shade of light what colour temp do I want?

A: Cool white, 6000K

For more info see our article on kelvins here


Q: Can I dim my single B22 lamp? 

A: Yes if you use the dimmable version of the 9 watt B22, this will meet the minimum load requirement of the dimmer switch, as it is actually a 10 watt lamp. There is a minimum & maximum requirement that needs to be adhered to when using dimmer switches.


Q: Can I exceed the maximum load of the dimmer switch?

A: Exceeding the load (10 lamps) may cause overheating of the switch. An alternative would be to use the Varilight V-com dimmer switch, which has a higher maximum load.

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