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Environmental Benefits of Switching to LED Lighting

LED lights are considered to be the latest cutting edge lighting technology, in fact LED technology has been hailed as the future of lighting. LEDs are the best alternative to traditional light sources providing fantastic levels of energy efficiency with loads of other environmental benefits.

The Only Real Eco-friendly Lighting Option

You may have noticed that your existing lights become very hot after longer periods of operation. This is because most of the electricity used is given off in the form of heat. LED bulbs operate at around 80% efficiency, where 80% of its electricity is converted to light instead of heat, compared to an incandescent bulb that only turns 20% of the electricity it uses into light energy.

Extended Bulb Life

Compared to conventional sources of light, a typical LED bulb will last up to 50000 hours, that’s up to 25-times longer than halogen spot lights. This means if you switch from halogen bulbs to LED light bulbs, you may never have to replace your bulbs again!

Energy Efficient Lighting

LED light bulbs may have a higher up-front cost, but they are highly energy efficient, resulting in large cost reductions over the life of the bulb. Electricity costs are on the increase, switching your existing halogen spotlights with LED bulbs can cut your lighting costs by up to 90%. That can mean £100s per year in energy savings

Directional Lighting Means Less Light Pollution

The accurate beam angles and directional nature of the light given off by LEDs means that they can be used to effectively illuminate specific areas in a room or outdoor space. This results in far less wasted light in the form of light pollution.

LEDs Contain No Dangerous Chemicals

A common misconception regarding LED bulbs is the fact that they contain harmful chemicals. This may be true for LED alternatives like CFL bulbs that do contain toxic materials such as mercury and lead, but LED light bulbs do not contain these dangerous materials and are completely safe for domestic and commercial use.

No IR or UV Emissions

Unlike many other traditional forms of lighting, LED lights do not give off potentially harmful radiation like UV or IR rays that have a negative effect on the environment.


LED bulbs are the only true environmentally friendly lighting option on the market. So if you want to be eco-friendly and kinder on your pocket, switch to LEDs today!