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Halogen vs LED Lights

Halogen spot lights are hugely popular as a form of recessed ceiling lighting in millions of homes and businesses, with GU10 and MR16 halogen being among the most widely used. Halogen bulbs give off a warm, natural light and are easily available and relatively cheap to purchase. However as consumers become more switched on the benefits of energy saving light bulbs, there are many questions around how eco-friendly the average gu10 halogen lamp actually is.

It is highly likely that you have a number of halogen spotlight bulbs around your home. Have you noticed how hot they get? Are you forever making trips to your local DIY store to buy replacement bulbs when they regularly blow and fail?

If these problems sound familiar you now have an alternative to replace your halogen spotlights with the latest form of low energy light bulbs. LED lighting is environmentally friendly, energy efficient and will save you on average up to 90% on your lighting bills.

Halogen spotlights generate a significant amount of heat even from short periods of operation. In fact, they are only 30% efficient with 70% of the energy used to power it given off in the form of heat, meaning that halogen bulbs are not energy efficient.

LED bulbs on the other hand are highly energy efficient, with 80% of electricity used given off as light energy, thus producing very little heat. In addition, because LEDs are solid-state bulbs with no moving parts, they are extremely durable and last for many thousands of hours of operation. In fact, the average GU10 LED bulbs 50W equivalent lasts around 25 years when used for an average of 4 hours per day. Compare this with the performance of a standard 50W halogen bulb that lasts for several months on average before they blow and need replacing.

As well as being highly efficient and lasting for many years, LED bulbs produce a high quality, natural looking light that is indiscernible from that provided by halogens. Switching your existing bulbs from halogen to LED low energy lighting will save you hundreds of pounds over the lifetime of the bulbs; here is an example calculation to see how much you could save: